Super Bowl Vent Thread

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Hall of Fame
Nov 19, 2016
We needed a tall, true, dominant #1 WR....Like Larry Fitz (young) or Antonio Brown (better teammate than him). Our guys are too short or are not talented enough if they are. jmo
Or someone like Cooper Kupp.

Antonio Brown is 5'10 btw.


Aug 24, 2017
I love cooks but he is so soft. Most of our team is so finesse. With an aggressive #1 WR we still win this game.

Proud of the team, happy football season went into February but damn what a dud performance it’s going to take a while to get over it.


Tokyo Ram
Sep 25, 2017
Last season was a pleasant surprise.
This season I expected to get to at least the NFC Championship game.
We got to the Super Bowl.

The offense was frustrating to watch.
Wade and the D came to play and ultimately kept the game close.

The game was there for tje taking and we couldnt get anything going.

Im not bitter.
Disappointed. Frustrated.

Two seasons to get to the Super Bowl.
That is a great achievement.
I have been a fan since '87.
Roll on 2019-2020.
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Won't you be my neighbor?
Apr 26, 2013
no excuses, we were not the best team tonight. I wonder if our offense is tough enough for playoff football? We needed a tall, true, dominant #1 WR....Like Larry Fitz (young) or Antonio Brown (better teammate than him). Our guys are too short or are not talented enough if they are. jmo
This game is ENTIRELY different with Kupp. We already have enough. And Reynolds balled out tonight.


Jan 23, 2013
McVay has to get more versatile with his offense so he can counter having his play action game stuffed.

I trust that he’ll figure it out. He has a full offseason to do it.

The Pats stunts and blitzes gave the Oline fits too. Again, Kromer will figure it out.

I’d love for McVay to make good halftime adjustments but considering his age, I may be expecting too much. All in good time.


"AKA" Hugo Bezdek
Jul 1, 2013
Yeah, I know man. That's why I'm not giving you a ration of crap. You have every right to feel let down big time. Just avoid any sports tv and/or radio shows for a few weeks and we'll gear up to do it all over again in about 7 months. :cheers:
Pretty much the way I handle it. I almost didn't even open up my ROD page, mourn the loss sucks and why doesn't really matter. We got beat
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Wanted everywhere but welcome nowhere
Jun 18, 2014
It was like watching Fisher's offense.

"This is what we are going to do and let's see you stop us."

Well, they damn sure did.

Again and again and again and again and again.

Need fast developing plays and screens when your OL is getting consistently overpowered.

Oh well.

We made it further than 30 other teams.....but boy.....what a dismal finish.


Pro Bowler
Jun 1, 2015
Do we? I feel as though we might have sold all in for this one opportunity with a "good" chance to be a contender next year, but probably not over the top..

Let's take a look here: Joyner is clearly leaving (and good riddance). Suh is gonna walk. Ebukam didn't take the step forward he needed. Whitworth can't play forever. Sullivan is older than dirt, too. Blythe should be getting run out of town on a rail tomorrow after what he did tonight. Are we going to extend Peters? It's a coin flip. Talib's gonna be 33. feels as though unless we do really, *really* well in the draft, we're gonna be going into the Kroenkedome on the downward trend.
We’ll all debate this for months, but...I think the Rams are in fantastic shape for 2019 and beyond. Noteboom and Allen are ready to step in when needed. Cap space is good, and many major young stars are set long term (Cooks, TG, AD, Hav, etc.)

Get a new LB, a replacement for Joyner, a young corner to groom... only a few pieces left in the puzzle, and we all know Snead is gonna kill it again this offseason.
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Pro Bowler
Mar 14, 2017
We did just play in Super Bowl 53, right? Man it sucks losing but freak we made it a freakin game. I'm disappointed too.
Dude that mentality is why we lost, we were not ready to win this game. McVay outcoached, players not playing well. Goff being Goff while facing pressure. You have to find a way to compete at a higher level.


Jan 15, 2014
Too bad Blythe had such a bad game. He missed so many blocks in the 1st half. A healthy Kupp and Gurly I think would have made a big difference. Oh well, great season. There is hope again!


Jun 11, 2013
I can't even be mad. Disappointed in our performance, sure. However it's been a long time since the Rams played in my least favorite month of the year, they made portions of dark and dreary January and February fun and amazing. I still had hope late into this game. Give me that each and every year and I'll be a happy football fan. This one will hurt until august. I need to recover emotionally, but in the heat of summer my perseverance will be renewed. Thank you Rams for making the shittiest time of the year a bit brighter. Thank you Rams for letting me gloat for 6 months. Thank you Rams for not giving up even at the end of Super Bowl that was harsh to our norms. The 2018 Rams will live in my memory just like the 1999 and 2001 Rams. You earned that much at least. Thank you

Angry Ram

Captain RAmerica Original Rammer
Jul 1, 2010
I'm more pissed how EVERY team that goes against NE shrivels. up and beat them.

I really thought the Rams would bring some moxy on both sides and smother Tom Brady and slam CJ and TGII down their throats.

Why do teams play scared against him? If he's gonna shred you, might as well try to beat his ass down in the process. The huge gaps to Julian fuckin Edleman. Julian fuckin Edleman. He ain't no Julio Jones or Calvin Johnson.

Goddamn just someone...beat them.

PA Ram

Pro Bowler
Aug 12, 2012
I said this in the GD thread I will say it in every Super Bowl thread.

Everyone seems to blame Goff and McVay. The o-line was trash. What game was everyone watching?
The failure of the o line especially in the passing game was the single biggest failure. Some of it may fall to Mcvay for scheme. But clearly they were not prepared and nearly got Goff killed.


Nov 14, 2017
Its funny some of you all dumping on Goff. He single handidly won the game for us in N.O. He’s 23 years old and he’s a helluva QB. I wouldn’t take any QB in the NFL over him if I were starting a team. McVay and Goff will adjust and learn from this. Our Oline played average or worse at best.They just ran into Belicheck and his genius and experience had the upper hand today. McVay and Goff will be back
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