Super Bowl Vent Thread

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Own it bud.

Your co-workers have a team in the Super Bowl? Or were they masturbating on the couch for the last month?

It’ll grow out in 2 weeks...
A mix of teams.
One Ram fan.
Two pats fans.
One from Mass so gets a pass. The other is a know nothing band wagon.
I certainly don't care what anyone thinks.
As much talk about how boring the game was and how boring the commercials were as the game itself.
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  1. IE Rams @ IE Rams: New layout is great. Thanks for putting in the work
  2. @ ROD-BOT: Rams fall to Cowboys 14-10 Preseason Week 2
  3. CGI_Ram @ CGI_Ram: Football! Beer!
  4. Mackeyser @ Mackeyser: Really enjoying the new layout!
  5. JonRam99 @ JonRam99: shout, shout, let it all out
  6. CGI_Ram @ CGI_Ram: Well done, Iowa
  7. IowaRam @ IowaRam: shout
  8. CGI_Ram @ CGI_Ram: Welcome Rams Fans