Rams @ Seahawks celebration thread

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Jan 14, 2013
The Hags came out like a team that had a must win. Rams lost Kupp amd Cooks and still moved the ball.

Woods picked up the slack. He was a man on fire late in the game. They all stepped up in the 4th quarter.
The amazing thing is that I feel like we have three #1 WRs in this system. Kupp, Woods, and Cooks could each put up 1300+ yards if we decided to give them the targets.


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Sep 23, 2013
McVay showed coaching matters there at the end. He tricked pete into taking his final timeout then went for the win!

The Rams showed good teams can overcome bad officiating, it is so nice to have a good team again.
Oh, those tricky Rams. Once McVay called for the TO, I knew the Rams were planning to go for it. All you gotta do is have Goff lunge forward. We have the best offence in the NFC--if not the league--surely the team can move the chains mere inches and then run out the clock.
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Oct 28, 2012


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  1. AZRams @ AZRams: Why do the Football Gods hate the Rams?
  2. RhodyRams @ RhodyRams: well that sucked donkey balls
  3. CGI_Ram @ CGI_Ram: It “feels like a while” since we’ve won. That ends... TODAY!,
  5. @ ROD-BOT: Go Rams!
  6. DR RAM @ DR RAM: First lead of the season, maybe only lead of year for UCLA. Good news, The AD is retiring soon.
  7. VeteranRamFan @ VeteranRamFan: Spending vacation in DC. Gawd I hate these late games on the east coast!
  8. CGI_Ram @ CGI_Ram: Cheers, to Friday!
  9. DR RAM @ DR RAM: Pretty crappy game