Rams @ Seahawks celebration thread

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Mar 14, 2017
McVay should have thrown the red falg on tht guley run the last drive, he made the 1st down and the ref spotted it ayard short
I believe this was the first play after the 2 min warning. It wasn't reviewed by the booth and it should have which pissed me the fuck off. The officiating was so suspect today, it really makes you question things.
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Sep 27, 2016
We went into their house, and got a tough divisional win thanks to our coach, and the never say die attitude of our Quarterback. Hell our defense did enough to get him the chance to win us the game. All around it was a tough good team building win. Sometimes you need to win ugly to show you can adapt and overcome. We did that today. Some say Seattle will use this is as a confidence booster; I disagree. I think the Rams had a real off day on someone their field, and still came away with the win. I'm proud of this team.


Jul 28, 2014
Mcvay needs to send a tape if this fans to the league office ...with. Letter asking them to send it our next referee so he to see if he knows what holding is

Gutsy tough win gift and Mcvay will not be beat
Interpeter, please.
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  1. AZRams @ AZRams: Why do the Football Gods hate the Rams?
  2. RhodyRams @ RhodyRams: well that sucked donkey balls
  3. CGI_Ram @ CGI_Ram: It “feels like a while” since we’ve won. That ends... TODAY!,
  5. @ ROD-BOT: Go Rams!
  6. DR RAM @ DR RAM: First lead of the season, maybe only lead of year for UCLA. Good news, The AD is retiring soon.
  7. VeteranRamFan @ VeteranRamFan: Spending vacation in DC. Gawd I hate these late games on the east coast!
  8. CGI_Ram @ CGI_Ram: Cheers, to Friday!
  9. DR RAM @ DR RAM: Pretty crappy game