Rams @ Seahawks celebration thread

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Jan 14, 2013
I want to remind people that we don't have to play another game in Seattle this year (assuming they don't by some miracle win the division). When we play them again, they have to come to our house. They won't be able to use noise to disrupt our communication and tempo. They (hopefully) won't benefit from a half of no Kupp and Cooks. Fuck the Seahawks. I look forward to give them the spanking they deserve later in the year. But I'm very happy we pulled out this W.


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Oct 15, 2015
Did you guys see Gurley on the sidelinesin the 4th qtr? He is definitely the emotional leader of this team
No - but I saw hom on the sidelines after the game.. in the interview he said - it was an ALL 22 performance... and he said they also know they are the best offense around... and can't be beat!!! YEAH, baby!!


Montana is God's Country
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Jun 24, 2010
They never showed us the replay where Gurley was supposedly stopped short and spotted the ball 1.5 yards back.
I went back and re-watched the play. Hard to see where he hit the ground because Reynolds was in the way of the camera, but it looked much closer than a yard (and they never showed it from a different angle.) If anything, it looked like he was about a foot short. Also, on the 3rd down run by Gurley, up the middle, it appeared he was beyond the line to gain after the initial hit because he was on top of the defender when he went down. I am surprised both of these plays were not reviewed by replay because they were both under the 2 minute mark.
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  1. AZRams @ AZRams: Why do the Football Gods hate the Rams?
  2. RhodyRams @ RhodyRams: well that sucked donkey balls
  3. CGI_Ram @ CGI_Ram: It “feels like a while” since we’ve won. That ends... TODAY!,
  5. @ ROD-BOT: Go Rams!
  6. DR RAM @ DR RAM: First lead of the season, maybe only lead of year for UCLA. Good news, The AD is retiring soon.
  7. VeteranRamFan @ VeteranRamFan: Spending vacation in DC. Gawd I hate these late games on the east coast!
  8. CGI_Ram @ CGI_Ram: Cheers, to Friday!
  9. DR RAM @ DR RAM: Pretty crappy game