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Mar 14, 2017
After last week glad to see the team come out with some pride because we seemed mentally defeated very early on MNF. Best game of Goff's season by a long shot, looked very sharp and accurate all game long! Albeit against the 32nd rated pass defense. When he gets rid of the ball with confidence and in rhythm he can ball out. But consistency against great teams is what matters, very excited to see him against Seattle next week. Gurley played great today too, his toughness and effort was noticeable all day.

Defense played amazing overall, great plan by Wade after the ass beating he took last week. Rush was there, and man Taylor Rapp is a ball player. But this game was won early by the offensive efficiency and our TOP advantage.

Interesting to see all the 3rd down screens we called, I think Goff audibled to one, but seems like that was in the 3rd down plan this week. Almost like in the known passing situations when there's a higher probability of pressure, McVay wanted to make sure Goff got it out quick. To me another indication of his lack of trust in this line. Not a bad strategy as long as we're blocking well and dominating on downs 1 and 2, which we did today. Great bounce back win for the Rams.
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Jan 19, 2013
Just what we needed to “right” the ship ..
Rapp was unreal today
Offense was clicking (despite a “bad” defense “
defense was suffocating
murray was hurt you could tell by his lack of running (which is why I’ll always take a pocket passer over someone who uses mobility to make plays )


Apr 28, 2017
I’m having a hard time with the light switch on or switch off type team. Who are we?? Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled with the win, but our team feels like we have adhd... Run Gurley 6 times in a loss, don’t run him at all in the 4th quarter against the Steelers and another loss, but against the Bears and Cards old Todd....I’m fighting a weird feeling of WWF fixing...I have never ever entertained the thought, but I’m tired and trying to figure out where this team has been all year.
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