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Tavon Austin IS NOT a First Round Player

Discussion in 'RAMS - NFL TALK' started by Playmaker, Apr 11, 2013.

  1. Playmaker

    Playmaker New Member

    Mar 16, 2013
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    Here we are two weeks before the draft and Rams Fans and the St.Louis Media have made it clear who they have the most arousal for. West Virginia WR Tavon Austin.

    But let me tell you this and you all can archive it and come back in a few years and say "Playmaker told us so" Tavon Austin is not worth a first round pick.

    #1. How many 5'8 WR's do you know of that are starting in the NFL? Or even one of the top 3 WR's on a team?

    #2. Other than his 40 time, the rest of his measurables are weak.
    30 Inch Arms and 9 1/8 hands for a 5'8 WR
    A 32 Inch Vertical......for a 5'8 WR

    His 32 inch vertical was bad. How bad? Only 4 other WR's at the Scouting Combine had less than a 32 inch vertical.

    His 30.08 inch arms were the second shortest of all the WR's at the Scouting Combine.

    #3. Tavon Austin will never make a living outside the numbers. He's a slot guy. I want you to imagine being a QB. Let's say you're 6'5 Sam Bradford. First off you have to throw over a bunch of tall O-Linemen and D-Linemen which is hard enough for any QB. Now you have 5'8 Tavon Austin with his short arms and lack of jumping ability. Imagine being Sam Bradford (or any QB) trying to find a 5'8 WR with short arms around a bunch of big LB's and Safeties? Having such short measurables means you as a QB have to be pin point accurate. Compare this to a 6'0 WR with let's say 32 inch arms and weighs 195 lbs with a 34 inch vetical. You have 4 more inches of body to target
    You have 2 more inches per arm for the WR to reach for a pass
    The extra weight likely means a wider chest and ability to take more of a hit
    And a 34 inch vertical gives you 4 more inches of a jump

    If you add the 4 inches in height, 2 inches per arm, and 4 inches more of vertical, that is 10 inches, nearly 1 foot more of a WR get a pass to.

    #4. How many Super Bowl's have been won in recent years by having 2 of the top 3 WR's being under 6'0 tall? None. Because Chris Givens is 5'11. If the Rams took Austin they'd have Givens at 5'11 and Austin at 5'8.

    Fisher and Snead are smart football people. They are not part of a "Madden Video Game Generation" that only wants to look at a 40 time and his "video game" abilities. They are football people. Real football people. I am sure they have looked at these measureables and said "he'll never stay healthy in the NFL. And he is too small to spend this high of a pick anyway"
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