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Jrry32's Plan

Discussion in 'RAMS - NFL TALK' started by jrry32, Sep 27, 2013.

  1. jrry32

    jrry32 Well-Known Member

    Jan 14, 2013
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    This might be a time where I should just let it go, cool down and regroup but this is atrocious. This team had real expectations this year and they've come out and played like a 2-14 team two weeks in a row. That's inexcusable.

    If I were in charge, this is what I would do AT THE END OF THE YEAR if things do not turn around:
    1. Fire Jeff Fisher, Brian Schottenheimer and Tim Walton
    2. Trade Sam Bradford(I don't think it's going to work here...another team might be able to salvage him but his confidence is shot here and we aren't going to save him...he's not the answer for us)
    3. Cut Cortland Finnegan
    4. Hire Lovie Smith as Head Coach
    5. Keep Les Snead as GM
    6. I bet Lovie Smith brings in Rod Marinhelli as Defensive Coordinator
    7. Have Lovie and Snead collaborate on the Offensive Coordinator
    8. Draft a QB with one of our two first rounders(looks like a strong class...Bridgewater, Hundley, Hogan, Bortles, Mariota, etc.)

    That's it. It's too early to get detailed in what players to acquire in the draft and FA but I think all these moves are necessary. Fisher and Sam have a chance to turn it around but I don't see it happening.

    I think Lovie and Marinhelli would get the defense turned around immediately. There is talent on this defense and Lovie and co. know how to get the most out of their talent. If we found a QB, the offense would be good enough to make us a contender.

    Lovie, imo, is a lot like Tony Dungy. He will get the most out of a defense but he needs an offensive mind and a QB because it's just not his strong suit.

    So...hopefully, we'd find the QB and the OC. But I can't take anymore games like SF and Dallas. I have never been so angry at this team in my life nor have I been as disappointed. It's one thing to suck when you don't have the talent. It's another to suck when you have the talent. The former is a lot easier to deal with than the latter.
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