The Celebration Thread

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Sep 7, 2011
I believe its more concern over complaining.
With N.O. coming to town next week, we cant have another offensive showing like we did today.
I dont know a Rams fan, that doesn't want to pound N.O. into dust next week.
to tell you the truth, i'm not concerned at all about anything i saw out on the field. first game of the season tells us nothing about any team in the league.

the rams were getting into the groove of the season and were hardly bothered by the panthers. as soon as it got a little too close for comfort the offense took over the game and methodically worked it's way down the field for a td to keep them at bay.

this game was always gonna be an opportunity to prime the team for the home game next week against those whiny fucks (except drew brees, he's all class).



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Jan 19, 2013
Did anyone else see who Demby was subbing for? It was either center or guard. Don't know the reason why either. Was watching both Allen & Noteboom both getting to second level blocks in the second half. Have to hand it to our whole staff from scouts to drafting to planning & redshirting while we had major vets to teach our 4th & 3rd round must have OL picks & in the very first game after no preseason & only scrimmages against raiders & chargers these guys had me losing sleep & I was so surprised Allen was not pushed into Goff by the much bigger Poe as the Cardinals have a center named Shipley in the size of Brian Allen & he is beaten almost every play by a bull rush mostly due to size & Shipley has no anchor.

Bengals & Packers with McVay related Head coaches offenses both looking decent this first week. We need to be able to get Greg Gaines some playing time over SJD as I saw more penetration during preaseason before they shut Day down due to a tightening hamstring. Better inside gap coverge or continue to be gashed up the middle like last season. Dakota Allen over Hager. Hager can't cover anyone. Littleton will get worn down with so many tackles and hits & he is not built like a thumper either. We can't play without Littleton & his tackling & coverage combined as he did miss a few tackles on the Stanford RB as most did. Lots of missed tackles & just poor effort as the 4rth quarter wound on. Even our D Captian CB #21 missed a sure tackle going too low.

We have two very talented OLB pass rushers we could have used in the 4th quarter especially. The active roster is such a huge thing this season. Playing Obo & Durham could be a game changer getting more hurries on better passers. JMO

bit in bold : i actually think Hager had a pretty solid game .. i mean he didnt set theworld alight but he didnt have to with Littleton kicking ass
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A new era
Jan 14, 2013
Rusty team plays its opener on the road across the country against another play-off caliber team at their house. Game time, travel distance, crowd noise, tough defense, tough run game.... plenty of challenges for McVay's team. c mm

Yesterday's "ugly" road win would have counted as one of the best 5-10 games in the entire span of the Linehan-Spagnuolo-Fisher coached Rams.
It's all perspective I suppose. Lots to improve on and I bet they will.


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Jan 15, 2013
Very happy with the win in light of the sloppy play and being on the road. I really liked that they got the lead and held it throughout the game, and always seemed to respond when Carolina would start threatening.

Having got the win despite not being sharp might have been the best way to go into the Saints game next week. They still have the W, but they won't be satisfied with their performance.

Selassie I

H. I. M.
Jun 23, 2010
I know some of you think that I hate all other NFL teams... and there is truth to that... but there are a few that I hate more than others. Carolina is one of those. I fucking really hate that team.

So yesterday's win was extra sweet for me and everyone else in my house. They have had our number for too long.

Opposite coast... 1pm est game. We were up against it.

But we took care of their sorry asses.


Mr. Savant
Aug 23, 2012
to tell you the truth, i'm not concerned at all about anything i saw out on the field. first game of the season tells us nothing about any team in the league.
I agree with this and was talking to someone this morning about how the first week anything can happen.

scoring 30 under those conditions against that defense is nothing to sneeze at.


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Mar 15, 2018
So only seeing certain plays on NFL Redzone I didn’t get to see much. What I did see in regards to run defense tackling was atrocious especially in the second half. What did everyone else see?