RIP Tommy

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Cheap Seat Vagrant
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May 8, 2014
Feel like someone punched me in the gut with this one. Lasorda is one of my all-time favorite personalities just such a great dude. He's near the top of that fictional list of people I'd love to spend an afternoon draining some beers with.

Just a huge loss for everyone. RIP Tommy. :beer2:


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Jun 24, 2010
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If you were a fan of another team, I don't know that Tommy even wanted you to like him.

I know for DAMN sure he was as pure of a team guy that ever existed. There was no other than the Blue.

Mr Lasorda was my favorite coach of any team of any sport - and it's not even close.

I love my Rams most of all and I certainly love my Lakers.... Kings as well.
But no one held a candle to Tommy as I grew up.


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Rams On Demand Sponsor
Jul 27, 2010
Cuz I'm old, I remember when 3rd base coach Tommy Lasorda replaced Walter Alston as manager of the Dodgers. There was no greater Dodger cheerleader than Tommy. I know he lived a long life with linguini and love of the Dodgers, but this loss hurts more than any other famous person that died this last year for me. He was involved in some facet of Dodgers' baseball for my whole life and his loss leaves a hole.