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Official Roster Cuts Thread

Discussion in 'RAMS - NFL TALK' started by A55VA6, Aug 25, 2013.

  1. fearsomefour

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    Jan 15, 2013
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    "Here a nugget last yr both Smith & Williams rotated @ ORG neither won over on the other..then this yr Boudreau does that same thing rotating both of them back & forth neither winning the job outright with both having issues but then we see Boudreau give Barnes a good long look @ OLG & then finally Washington & both seemed to have played much better that both Smith & Williams...go figure? "

    I agree that our tackle depth is better than last year due to the growth of Barksdale.
    I didnt see enough of Barnes at G to say he outplayed the other, but, thats just my opinion. I still like Williams there the most, although that is by default. Barnes was solid from the first preseason game. But, he just gets no push in the run game. His value is as a depth guy at C and or G. Williams had some nice blocks in the run game vs. Denver, sealed off the inside and allowed the RB a nice big hole to run through. I think Williams and Smith are both solid but when they get out of position they can be beaten badly....not enough quickness to recover. My nod would still go to Williams based on his run blocking.

    To me the fourth T is still Dahl. I wouldnt trust Washington or Williams at T for any period really. Having three guys who can play C at a legit level is depth most teams are not blessed with. That is by design Im sure. We seems to have a lot of depth at G and one guy, albiet a solid guy, at T. Washington was kept, in my opinion, only because he showed enough to be considered depth at T as well....I couldnt imagine it was his play at G.