According to this Doctor AD will not be hindered whatsoever this weekend!!

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Hall of Fame
Jun 1, 2015
I dunno... let’s keep in mind that this Doc has no other info except “X-ray negative for fracture.”

Ive had cracked rib cartilage myself, and it was incredibly painful for weeks... it hurt just to breathe, and a sneeze or a cough was agony. But granted I am mortal and AD is not.

My point is, yeah, we all trust AD to gut it out. And yeah, they will shoot him up with a painkiller. But a rib cartilage injury is no small thing.

And going a hundred miles an hour against 300-pound linemen with that injury? I can’t imagine.


Grill and Brew Master
Jun 24, 2010
Still seems a bit risky to me, but if that's the route they go, I hope for the best.
What risk are you referring to? The shot? Him playing with the injury we still don't know the extent of? Him gutting it out through the pain? I just don't know what you are keying on from that video.