The New Era of NFL Quarterbacks

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Jan 23, 2013
Definitely a changing of the guard ahead. Who will end up in that top group who knows. But I bet Stafford is in that top 3 every year in this offense.

Another guy to watch is Wentz. He won the lottery this year getting the Indy gig with that offense around him. If he doesn't play well in that situation he'll never come back from it so 2021 looms as a huge year for him. I expect him to rise and the mindless media to suck his nuts.

Jackson will never be an elite QB. He, ironically enough, is a system QB to my eye. So I will enjoy the media crowning him then being wrong as usual.

Ryan is like Goff. He's a second tier guy at best who needs pocket integrity to play at the top level. He may get that in the coming years but he'll never be an elite QB.

And I wouldn't be too quick to crown Herbert. He's a fine young QB and I do think his ceiling is very high but I don't think his ascent is a given by any means. QB is competitive man. Every year new blood coming in. Only the guys who want it the most get there to that elite range.

Wentz had a very good year in 2019. I can’t discount him for one bad season on a team with a lot of injuries.

Herbert is young and new. Teams will start dissecting him to find his weaknesses if he has any. If he can pass that hurdle then he has a shot to be a top five QB. So much has to go right though.
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Mojo Ram

Horns for life
Feb 3, 2013
So took my first look at these QB's coming out this year. Literally my first time watching them play. I don't pretend to be a QB guru. Honestly i usually have a better eye for RB's and LB's transitioning to the pros.

Anyway, i think Wilson is the best prospect. He'd be my #1 QB even over Lawrence. Wilson looks like a natural passer to me. Very smooth and instinctive. Granted i feel like he had a great pocket nearly all the time. He looks like a QB to me.

My biggest takeaway from Lawrence is that IMO he's gonna get wrecked running like that at the next level. Not really a slippery guy. Also his release, looks like he's hunting for elephants with a spear, lol. Also, he's one of those 6'6" guys.

I pray that SF doesn't somehow get Wilson. Just my 2 cents. QB's are tough to nail down.
Dec 12, 2017



- MT
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