Sean McVay's Coaching Culture

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SportsBook Bookie
Nov 9, 2014
He has his pilars in place;

OC - O’Connell
DC - Morris
QB - Stafford
I'm at an impasse because I'm highly critical of Morris' defense ideologies, however I refuse to believe that McVay would hire somebody who isn't versatile and would adapt to our Defense we used last year. This is probably the the thing I'm most excited to see how it plays out this year.

I have no doubt we are top 10 in offense, I'd say top 5 if Akers didn't get hurt.


Swamp Gas Enthusiast
Rams On Demand Sponsor
May 8, 2014
I think Morris was a friend hire that might blow up in his face. Sean seems to jive best with guys who are gameplanning savants and that is not Morris. Morris is a great leader though so I am hopeful.

Either way what I love about him is the high standards. All coaches give the same lip service re: playing for championships. But very few make decisions and moves that back that shit up.

He is a real rarity and we are blessed right now.