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Discussion in 'SITE HELP / TESTING AREA' started by -X-, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. PhxRam

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    And for your info.. it is irresponsible usage of the term tracking when it comes to this site.

    There is NO tracking of anything.
  2. flv

    SportsBook Bookie Survivor/Pickem Mgr
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    Nov 3, 2013
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    Bournemouth, UK
    Chill. No-one is accusing you of anything. If you have a Twitter or Facebook logo or sign-in connection on a page you'll add beacons, widgets, tracking cookies, and all manner of tracking items on a page. You get the same thing with 3rd party advertising. As an example there are 23 items detected by Ghostery on NFL.com's current homepage. Sometimes you get the same thing just by allowing spider bots to navigate the index page. Without them the site wouldn't be high on a Google search of Rams sites. Most items are from advertisers who want to see what other websites viewers of a particular website go to. Ghostery has detected items on this site in the past, though I don't see anything at the moment. It's not automatically a bad thing. Keeping everything off at all times is extremely difficult and it's not worth the effort. I know this from helping out with another forum on the Proboards platform.

    The cookies message has nothing to do with being in the UK. I've signed in with a US IP, (, which can be traced to IP swapping warehouse in Providence, Utah. I still get the same message. I don't normally do this but i've done it to check what you've said.
  3. PhxRam

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    I never said you accused this site of anything. I said you are irresponsibly using the term.