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WR Formations and Depth Chart

Discussion in 'RAMS - NFL TALK' started by DCH, Jun 19, 2014.

  1. DCH This IS my 'oh' face.

    Jun 18, 2014
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    Right now we have on the roster:

    - Tavon Austin
    - Kenny Britt
    - Brian Quick
    - Austin Pettis
    - Chris Givens
    - TJ Moe
    - Stedman Bailey
    - Emory Blake
    - Justin Veltung
    - Austin Franklin

    Where do you see these guys lining up, with the assumed question of who do you see making the 52-man roster?

    My thoughts:

    I think the roster ends up holding 6 WRs - Britt, Quick, Austin, Pettis, Givens, Bailey - with Moe on the roster until Bailey's suspension is up.

    I expect to see a lot of Tavon Austin outside, more like a DeSean Jackson than a real slot guy (this is, in case you didn't recognize it, an extension of the good conversation going on in the Bailey TD Catch thread, hopefully without the stupid QB posturing). I love the idea of Pettis in the slot - thought a couple years ago that was where he fit best, and that he reminds me, physically, of Marques Colston in that regard.

    I think Austin, though, ends up playing flanker, where he's outside and only dealing with one CB at the snap, but with a couple yards to put on a move to avoid getting bumped at the LOS. Also snaps in the backfield, maybe 10 a game or so.

    I expect Britt or Quick to be the split end most snaps, whichever one impresses most in preseason.

    Givens will be out at flanker when Austin is moved around.

    Moe, depending on how well he shows himself, could challenge Pettis for snaps in the slot, and could come in and be the other inside WR in 4-WR sets (of which I doubt we see many).

    Common WR lineups will be:
    - Austin/Givens and Britt/Quick on the outside, 2 TE, 1 RB
    - Austin/Givens and Britt/Quick on the outside with Pettis in the slot, 1 TE/FB, 1 RB
    - Givens/Quick and Britt on the outside with Pettis in the slot and Austin in the backfield, Kendricks, Harkey or Cunningham inline at TE
    - Austin/Givens and Britt/Quick on the outside with Pettis and Moe (or Cook) in the slot, empty backfield, one of the blocking-specialist TE inline

    Whatcha think?
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