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NFL Draft Discussion: Rounds 4-7

Discussion in 'RAMS - NFL TALK' started by Prime Time, May 10, 2014.

  1. d-rek

    d-rek New Member

    Wished rams would have used 7th round pick on drafting one or two of these guys craig loston, dion bailey or marcus roberston pretty shocking they all went undrafted
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  2. bluesjoc

    bluesjoc Long time poster,First time reader

    who are they?
  3. TheDYVKX

    TheDYVKX Well-Known Member

    I have 96 posts in this thread. All my posts are like...draft related. Haha.
  4. CoachO

    CoachO Well-Known Member

    I apologize if I appeared to be coming off as having a non-football agenda. I do like the pick for football reasons. I get all the "tweener" stuff, and if I have an agenda for liking the pick, its because being a MIZZOU fan, I like the way the kid plays the game. I also am never been a fan of the "measurables" being the thing that decides a players production. One of the things that was also said, was that Michael Sam's production out performs his talent. Those are exactly the kind of players I want to draft, especially with a compensatory pick.

    We can agree to disagree whether this is a guy who makes the team better. But lets not for a second pretend that its just about the football.
  5. flv

    flv Well-Known Member

    No apology necessary. You've clarified your position and i'm fine with Sam or anyone else being on the roster for footballing reasons. I've no agenda for or against any University. I don't care for measurables either but I understand why teams might take that view late in the Draft. I can see why the media are interested but to me it's purely football. Sexuality, race, religion, politics, even gender aren't an issue. The best decisions regarding talent are all i'm looking for.
  6. ReddingRam

    ReddingRam Well-Known Member

    I signed off before the Sam pick yesterday. I have to say it was my favorite pick of the day, other than Gaines. And I am not a Mizzou fan. I'm a Pac-12/MW guy. But I do respect what M.Sam did as a player in college and I think he just might find a spot as a situational pass rusher. I could care less if it was a "pity pick" Kid was a great player in college and deserves s shot. I'm glad we are giving it to him.

    Now to find our UDFA thread....
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