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JT/Wagoner OTA Tweets: Britt Back--Saffold Works At LT

Discussion in 'RAMS - NFL TALK' started by RamBill, Jun 19, 2014.

  1. Pancake Well-Known Member

    Aug 1, 2010
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    I'm thinking the same thing. There is a log jam at RB and I think the injury will do him in.
  2. PrometheusFaulk Active Member

    May 25, 2013
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    Fair enough.

    I was surprised at him being selected, given the presence of Wells, Barnes and Jones, and wondered if there was any discontent there, but 7th rounders are usually lotto tickets, I guess.
  3. Rambition Member

    Jun 19, 2014
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    it might. but i get the feeling his value as a ram has always been a lot more about his special teams work, so i won't count him out just yet.
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  4. BonifayRam Well-Known Member

    Jan 14, 2013
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    The OL ended OTA's with our starting center Wells & OLT not participating. Not sure whats up with MIA Wells again. Long is progressing day by day on his attempt reach to full knee health & to regain & strengthen his lower body. Not much has changed from the start to the end from my point. Fisher has named his 2014 starters already the average age is now 27 yrs in comparison to last yrs 2013 season average age of over 30 yrs.

    Starting ORG Rodger Saffold appears to be the primary back up to starters @ three posts (OLT/ORT/OLG) thus the late push to get new veteran ORG Davin Joseph involved with first team. If injuries were to occur to those three posts... Joseph will be the first up so he looks to be #6 now. By the start of pre season Saffold's heavy burden could change dramatically. Boudreau #1 priority in TC & pre season is to try to find & develop a reserve Right Tackle.

    I would consider 26 yr old 6-4 306 pound Tim Barnes OC who has three NFL TC's & pre seasons under his belt along with being active in 31 Ram games during 2012 & 2013 seasons & played & started @ center for the most part in the last five Ram games as #7 OL'er. Barnes saw action last TC & pre season @ all the interior OL posts.

    The 24 yr old 6-5 308 pound Barrett Jones is said to be finally ready to start his NFL career. I would say Jones is the #8 Ram OL'er. Jones ability to play all interior positions will certainly mandate Jones dressing on game day. If Boudreau luck holds up & Wells & Barnes stay UN injured then Jones could get some use on the outside not just the interior.

    The 26 yr old 6-4 1/2 299 pound Mike Person is entering his 4th season has been seen all over the OL...that been repeated now since he has been on 4 NFL teams & has worked out in all five OL posts. His resume in College was 4 yr starter 100% OLT. But his small size under 300 will prevent him from strong considerations outside in the NFL Person might be an emergency game day back up .....maybe. I understand from all that has been written about Person ... he is one tough SOB! I have read that he has never been injured. What Person lacks is NFL game action he has only had one game active in 2013 & that was with the Seahawks. Mike Person has the look as being the 9th Ram OL'er. That as far as I will guesstimate here @ the end of OTA's.

    Fisher being one smart HC kept 10 to 11 OL'ers on the master roster all season. Good ideal when you have Saffold- Wells & long are starters. Fisher will most likely keep the same amount on the roster again. The 23 yr old Massive 6-6 330 pound Travis Bond is a WWC from the Panthers who's OL is a weak overall unit. Bond's size may get him some heavy action in TC @ ORT & ORG posts. The 25 yr old 6-2 320 pound Brandon Washington who finally got serious action @ OLG in the Seahawk game...has been here the last two yrs. Rookie 7th rd. Ram draft pick Mitchell Van Dyk has some serious size 6-8 300 mountain of a man is a RIGHT OT I sure hope he is developed. Rookie Demetrius Rhaney is also interesting I think & hope both of these rookies will rise ahead & above BW & TB.
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