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Howid Ballzuh

Discussion in 'RAMS - NFL TALK' started by -X-, Nov 30, 2011.

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    Jun 20, 2010
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    .... wrote another article. Lots of stuff about press conferences and coaches on the hot seat, and blah blah blah. There's only so much a guy can write, and only so many ways to expand upon player quotes. I don't fault Balzer for writing an article that's remarkably similar to every other article out there these days. I mean, what can you do? Everyone has the same concerns, everyone has the same observations, and he's got a quota to make with 101ESPN.

    So, in his 1000+ word article today, which you can find here,

    I plucked this one line out of it.

    "... when the reality is that decisions don't win or lose games; players do."

    That doesn't mean that I absolve coaches for making what we perceive to be wrong decisions. Far from it. I have problems with 4th & whatever situational calls like everyone else. But. Ultimately. The decision, in and of itself, does not define how a game turns, or in this case, ends. Mainly because we don't have the benefit to see how it turns out if the decision went the way we "wanted it to go."

    Case in point. Rams on their own 36, 4th & 1. Down by 3. 3 minutes remaining.

    The decision? Punt.
    The logic? The defense should shut it down, force a 3 & out, and we get it back with better field position.
    The result? Didn't work. Defense didn't hold (twice). Game over.
    The alternative? Go for it and extend the drive for another 40 yards, and tie it (or, go 64 and win it)
    The best case scenario? They convert and march down to tie it up (or win).
    The worst case scenario? They don't convert, Arizona scores 7, and goes up by 10 with a minute remaining (or less).

    My worst case scenario? They don't convert, Arizona eats some more clock, forces the Rams to use their remaining time-outs, and scores 3 to go up by 6 with very little time left. The Rams would then be forced to go (probably) 80 yards in a minute or less, with no time-outs, for the win (with a TD). When, up to that point, the offense was anything but 80 yard drivers in 60 seconds (or less) with no time-outs, throughout the course of the season.

    So the call was what it was. It was made. The PLAYERS (specifically, the defense) didn't uphold their end of the bargain. Who do you have more faith in as the head coach? The defense who let Beanie gash them all day, or the offense that can't seem to do much of anything on a consistent basis. Spagnuolo played the odds - or at least what he perceived to be the greater odds. And like any "gamble", you throw the dice and hope it comes up 7. Because once the dice leaves your hand, you have no more control over the roll.

    Yet another example of circumstances that could very well make him a victim.
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