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Fisher says Rams-Browns draft deal a possibility

Discussion in 'RAMS - NFL TALK' started by -X-, Mar 28, 2012.

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    http://aol.sportingnews.com/nfl/story/2 ... z1qRiy17Fs

    The Cleveland Browns hold the 2012 NFL Draft's No. 4 overall selection, at least for now. With many offensive needs to address, they've quickly become the first round's biggest wild card.

    For help with their decision, they've already reached out twice the St. Louis Rams.

    Despite the recent reaffirmation by general manager Tom Heckert that they are satisfied with Colt McCoy as their top quarterback for 2012, [hil]the Browns made a futile inquiry into the availability of Rams starter Sam Bradford, ESPNCleveland.com reports[/hil]. Bradford, coming off an injury-riddled second season, played for Browns coach Pat Shurmur, then the Rams' offensive coordinator, as a rookie in 2010.

    According to the report, after the lack of mutual interest in a potential Bradford deal, the Browns then eyed moving up into No. 2 overall spot formerly held by the Rams — before St. Louis traded down to No. 6 in a blockbuster trade with the Washington Redskins.

    Even though that swap didn't work out with the Browns, Rams coach Jeff Fisher told reporters at the NFL owners meetings in Palm Beach, Fla., not to rule out the potential of a different draft-day deal between the teams.

    "They were very fruitful discussions," Fisher said, per the Cleveland Plain Dealer. "They are a potential trade partner with us."

    The Browns, regardless of what they've said publicly about McCoy, are interested in adding a promising young quarterback. Now that Bradford, Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III aren't options, they are bringing in Ryan Tannehill — the consensus third-best QB prospect — for a pre-draft visit.

    Although it would be a considered a stretch for them to take Tannehill at No. 4, they are also armed with other first-round ammunition — the No. 22 overall pick which they acquired from the Atlanta Falcons.

    For the Browns to force the Rams' hand into trading back up, they must make them think they would take the Rams' likely target at No. 6 — Oklahoma State wide receiver Justin Blackmon. It's not unreasonable given the fact Cleveland is desperate to put skilled playmakers around McCoy.

    If the Browns trade down to No. 6, it will still assure them a clear shot at Tannehill if they so desired — two picks ahead of the quarterback-needy Miami Dolphins. The Dolphins' offense coordinator is Mike Sherman — Tannehill's former coach at Texas A&M.
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