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2014 NFL Fan Draft - Your Team is on the Clock!

Discussion in 'RAMS - NFL TALK' started by vabearsfan, Mar 17, 2014.

  1. vabearsfan New Member

    Mar 7, 2014
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    Welcome. Just an avid football fan here. Now that the first wave of Free Agency has ended, teams are getting a clearer direction of what players they would like to aim for in the draft. Thus, I am excited to launch a widespread fan-participated draft. I have made accounts for the most popular message board of each NFL team. The draft works easy, but I need your help! It’s basically a mock-draft by the fans of each team and the majority vote wins. What better mock, then one that is voted on by the most avid fans?! By posting this thread, your team is currently on the clock. Simply do this.

    1) Look which players have already been selected by the teams that pick before your team.

    2) Pick only ONE player who you would want to draft.

    3) No trade downs, etc. Simply pick whichever player you want the most.

    4) Vote as soon as you can.

    5) **I may use more than one message board when there are two message boards with about the same amount of traffic. In such cases, I will combine the votes. Please be honest and do not double vote.**

    I am not exactly sure when I will close voting, but I will give a final warning and close the thread within a certain time limit which I will indicate. It all depends on how quickly and how much participation I am getting. I will probably keep the thread open anywhere from 10-24 hours. I would like to get the first 2 round done before the draft and possibly head into the third round if at all possible. Here is a list of all the teams, their draft selections, and the team’s message board that I am using:

    #1 – Houston Texans Website/The Bull Pen = Teddy Bridgewater (37.5%); Khalil Mack (34.375%); Jadeveon Clowney (21.875%); Other (6.75%);

    #2 – St. Louis RamsRamsonDemand - ON THE CLOCK!!

    #3 – Jacksonville Jaguars - The Jungle

    #4 – Cleveland Browns The Browns Board

    #5 – Oakland RaidersRaiders Fans

    #6 – Atlanta Falcons Falcons Board

    #7 – Tampa Bay BuccaneersTbayBucs

    #8 – Minnesota Vikings Purple Pride

    #9 – Buffalo Bills Bill Message Board

    #10 – Detroit Lions Lions Message Board

    #11 – Tennessee Titans Titans Report

    #12 – New York GiantsGiants Message Board

    #13 – St, Louis Rams RamsonDemand

    #14 – Chicago BearsChi City Sports

    #15 – Pittsburgh Steelers
    - Steeler Fever

    #16 – Dallas CowboysCowboys Zone

    #17 – Baltimore Raven Russell Street Report

    #18 – New York Jets
    Jet Nation

    #19 – Miami DolphinsThe Fins

    #20 – Arizona CardinalsCardinals Message Board -

    #21 – Green Bay Packers Packer Forum

    #22 – Philadelphia EaglesIgglefans

    #23 – Kansas City ChiefsChiefs Planet

    #24 – Cincinnati BengalsBengals Message Board

    #25 – San Diego Chargers Chargers Message Board

    #26 – Cleveland BrownsThe Browns Board

    #27 – New Orleans SaintsSaints Report

    #28 – North Carolina PanthersCarolina Huddle

    #29 – New England Patriots Pats Fans

    #30 – San Francisco 49ers49ers Web Zone

    #31 – Denver BroncosOrange Mane

    #32 – Seattle Seahawks

    #34 - Washington RedskinsExtreme Skins

    #59 - Indianapolis ColtsColts Message Board

    I understand that many message boards encourage draft talk in specific sub-forums, but I ask that an exception is made with this thread. For this to be successful I need as much participation as possible. By putting this thread in a sub-forum this thread may suffer from getting as many quick responses as possible. Thank-you for your cooperation!
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