Would you ever consider coaching?

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Hall of Fame
Sep 29, 2013
Mr Sapp, thanks for dropping by!

I'd like to ask you about coaching. How important is good coaching in the NFL in developing players. We've seen some guys come into the league with stellar college records and just not make it. Is that a coaches fault? Or does talent not always equal success?

As a former player would you consider coaching? Would it be difficult for someone as dominant as you were to start at the bottom like Jeff Garcia has done with the Rams coming in as an assistant and having to coach guys who just don't have the same talent you do? I imagine that could be frustrating.

Thanks again sir.

Warren Sapp

Super Bowl Champ and Hall of Famer
Jun 28, 2016
It takes a very special skill set to become a good coach in the NFL... You are coaching and dealing with grown men who make millions of dollars and most have the ego to show for it. Much of the process of achieving success is the psychological approach and that lies on top of the talent pool and schematics.

I really enjoy being retired and spending my days fishing, which has become my new passion, however, the game will always be my first love so I wouldn't rule out the idea of coaching.