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What was plan B in the draft?

Discussion in 'KEVIN DEMOFF PART DEUX' started by -X-, Jul 2, 2013.

  1. -X-

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    Jun 20, 2010
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    North Carolina
    Assuming someone leapfrogged you to get Tavon, what was the alternate decision? Would Ogletree have gone much higher, or was there no way you all were going to miss out on Tavon?

  2. kdemoff

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    Jul 29, 2012
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    After the workout at WVU, I'm not sure what could have been done to talk Jeff and Les out of Tavon. We began working the phones quickly after that day to see how far up we could move in the draft. We weren't going to be silly about it, but we felt that Tavon was the kind of "playmaker" that we needed to help improve our offense and make all of the players on offense better.

    As for a Plan B, to be honest, we had plan B,C,D,E,K,R,W,Z all ready to go. In the draft, you have to be prepared for anything, and I give Jeff, Les and our staff a ton of credit for having a feel on who would go where and ways to move around and still improve our team. We felt about 72 hours out that we would not get any of our desired targets at 16, so we knew we had to move up or back but that we would likely be disappointed if we stayed at 16. That was when we really began working the trade up and trade back scenario so we could try and land both Tavon and Alec and not reduce our number of picks. We thought moving back from the 2nd round to the 3rd round was well worth it to be able to secure two of the top playmakers in the draft. But had it not happened that way, we would have enacted another strategy that would have made us better as well. Of course, we like the way it happened better!