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TRANSCRIPT: Rams Head Coach Jeff Fisher, QB Sam Bradford, 6-19-14

Discussion in 'RAMS - NFL TALK' started by -X-, Jun 19, 2014.

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    Jun 20, 2010
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    Rams QB Sam Bradford – Post-Practice – June 19, 2014

    (On his plans for the break before training camp)

    “Nothing cool. Just going to go back to Oklahoma. Continue with the rehab process. Just get ready for training camp, come in as strong as possible. But at the same time, I’m just excited to go home and kind of enjoy a little bit of down time before we really get going.”

    (On if he got a chance to accomplish everything he wanted in OTAs)
    “I think so. I was really happy with everything that went on during the OTAs. A big part of it for me was, obviously, physically getting back onto the field, seeing how my knee reacted. It’s been fantastic. We were actually able to do a little more than we anticipated. So, that’s very positive and then this week to actually practice twice, get a little more comfortable out there. It’s tough kind of going once a week. Out there today it probably felt the best its felt all OTAs and I’m just really looking to build on that.”

    (On if today is the first week he’s practiced twice during OTAs)
    “The first week I did two, but the Monday session was really limited and it was just 7-on-7, about eight reps. This was the first week that I’ve done two and really gone pretty much the entire OTA.”

    (On how his knee feels)
    “I feel really good. Obviously, I think part of it is building up the endurance in my legs. I can kind of feel a little bit of fatigue today, but I think that’s normal just not having been out here practicing like that. That’s really what I’m going to work on during this five-week break.”

    (On if he’s been able to leave St. Louis much since his surgery)
    “I haven’t. I’ve left a few times for a weekend. (Head Athletic Trainer Reggie Scott) ‘Reg’ gave us a week off. I don’t even remember when it was. Memorial Day, we got the week off. Other than that I haven’t been home much. I’m really looking forward to a nice little break here.”

    (On if he’ll play any golf during the break)
    “I’m sure I will. I might actually be on the course tomorrow. I don’t know.”

    (On if he thinks his skills are just as good as any other quarterback in the league)
    “I think every quarterback has that mindset. I think you have to believe in yourself and you have to be confident. I’m confident in all my abilities. I don’t try to compare myself to anyone. You guys do a great job of doing that. I believe in everything that I do to get myself ready to go play and I’m confident that when I step out on the field on Sunday, that I can help us win.”

    (On how he sees the balance of passing and running the ball considering his health and RB Zac Stacy’s success last year)
    “I think that’s kind of yet to be determined, but I think we are going to be balanced. I think you’re going to see us run the football. We’re going to pound it at people until they can stop it, utilize the play action, really push the ball down the field when we do throw the ball. But at the same time, if people are loading the box and they want to stop the run, we’re not going to be scared to drop back and throw it.”

    (On what it is like to deal with scrutiny from media)
    “To be honest, I just don’t pay attention to any of it. I don’t read the paper, don’t listen to the radio, don’t watch the news. I’m focused on what I do here in this building. I know the preparation and the time I’ve put in. I know I’m doing the right things. Maybe it hasn’t paid off yet and we haven’t taken that next step, but I know that what I’m doing, it’s a process, just be patient. I think this year we’re going to take that next step.”

    (On if he doesn’t listen to sports talk radio when he’s in the car)
    “Absolutely not. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure you guys are really good at it, but I choose to listen to music when I’m in the car.”

    (On how important it was to be out practicing during OTAs as opposed to waiting until training camp)
    “It was huge to be out here, especially at the beginning of OTAs I really expected to just be doing 7-on7, but to be able to get out there – and obviously (Head Coach Jeff Fisher) ‘Fish’ slowed the pass rush down a little bit – to be out there and get some of the team reps in the different periods, that’s huge. We talked about it yesterday in the team meeting, but the way that the new CBA is, I think we’ve only got like 19 practices before game week starts and that’s not a lot of time to get back onto the field. So, to actually be out here and get to rep some of the new things that we’ve put in, I think that was really big.”

    (On if he plans to bring some of his teammates to Oklahoma to work on like he’s done in previous years)
    “You know, just watch Twitter. You guys might see something on Twitter. The Rams have a Twitter though. I think they do a pretty good job of keeping it posted. We’ve got something in the works right now.”

    (On what type of music he listens to in the car)
    “I listen to everything. It kind of depends on what kind of mood I’m in. I love country, pretty mellow stuff. I’ll throw on some rock every now and then. Just kind of depends.”

    (On how it’s been working with QB Shaun Hill)
    “It’s been great getting to know Shaun. Obviously, he’s got a lot of experience in this league, very similar to Kellen (Clemens) in the fact that he’s very knowledgeable about the game. He’s been a great sounding board just as far as bouncing ideas off. There’s some things that we’ve put in this offseason that are new to me, but he’s ran before, and so to have that experience and be able to ask him questions about the read and different coverages, he’s been really helpful.”

    Rams Head Coach Jeff Fisher – Post-Practice – June 19, 2014

    (On if the Rams found any punt returners when they allowed the lineman to catch balls off the jugs machine at the end of practice)

    “No we didn’t, but it was obvious that the defensive guys have been practicing – some place. Not here, but some place. We actually had a pretty good group there. I was pretty impressed. Last year I don’t think they even touched a ball.”

    (On how he felt OTAs went)
    “We’re pleased. We told guys you’re not going to compete for the division here the next couple weeks. The only thing you can do is set yourself back. It was a step-by-step process and we got everything in. We came through it very, very healthy. We got the ‘rooks’ caught up, which was good. Over the Memorial Day week, they came back and they were able to compete. (QB) Sam (Bradford) got on the field two consecutive days. (T) Jake (Long) got some stuff done in individual. So, we’re in pretty good shape now before the break.”

    (On if he looks much at individuals during OTAs in terms of evaluating how the 53-man roster may shape up in September)
    “We discuss...coaches discuss players in their position. We rank them and guys are moving around a little bit in the rankings, but that’s normal. That’s to be expected.”

    (On how big of a deal he thinks it is that Bradford was able to participate in OTAs)
    “We had a plan throughout. We allowed him to do some things in the skill development and he did. We got him on the field in the first couple OTAs. Just in the passing fashion he was good. Then today and obviously on Tuesday, he participated in team periods - that was encouraging. He’s got a plan for the summer. He’s going to get away for a little bit. He needs to get away. He’s been here every day, and he’ll come back ready to go.”

    (On if he expects Bradford and Long to fully participate at the start of training camp)
    “It’s hard to say. I think if we handle it right they probably won’t be every day guys. They’re going to need a day off here and there because we’re going to stress recovery. But there’s no reason why they don’t play in preseason.”

    (On if the players are off following today’s OTA)
    “Yes, they’re off. Watch out in the parking lot. The ‘rooks’ have one more day, tomorrow. Then our draft choices, of course, travel for the (rookie) symposium early next week.”

    (On why he chose to not have a mandatory minicamp)
    “Minicamp itself, the difference is it’s mandatory, so you can make them come. We didn’t have anybody miss an OTA this year. Everybody comes. They like being here. Then you’re only permitted to have one practice (per day), so I guess in essence you pick up a few extra practices and the minicamp day itself is a longer day. You can keep them until 8 (p.m.). Well, keeping players to 8 o’clock during the offseason to me doesn’t make any sense.”

    (On if he believes Bradford has Pro Bowl potential from a skill set standpoint)
    “Yeah, there’s no doubt. He’s got the vision, the decision making ability, the arm strength and mobility to put up great numbers.”

    (On if he talks to the players about being careful during their time off)
    “We’ve had the discussion, yes. Last summer we were clean. We had a good summer last summer. We need to put two together, two in a row.”

    (On if he gets away during the next month)
    “I’ll probably disappear for a while, yeah. If I told you where I go, I wouldn’t be disappearing.”

    (On if he likes practicing on hot days like today)
    “Yeah, it’s good because when you talk to them about...they’ve got so many days to go out and train and then come back to camp. So it makes sense for them to train at the times at which we’re going to practice. Don’t go out and train at 8:00 at night and don’t get up and train at 6:00 in the morning. Go out and do your work in the heat preferably. Be smart about it, but condition yourself for that.”

    (On if the players receive instructions from the strength and conditioning staff for what they should do during the break)
    “We have a number of players who are just not quite yet 100 percent who will be staying behind. They’ll be doing some rehab until they’re cleared. Those players themselves will get some time to go home, but they’ll have to come back. Then yes, the veterans and even the rookies for that matter, that are leaving now that are healthy, yeah, they have a very, very specific month training program that they’ve be given by our strength and conditioning staff.”

    (On if he expects most of the players to be available at the start of training camp)
    “Yeah, I would think the only one that might be close would be (S) Christian Bryant. But he’s really making significant progress.”
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  2. Barrison

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    Jun 24, 2010
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    Nice to hear that the rookies are still going to get that extra day to get caught up to speed, great coaching move to let the vets go and keep the rooks for the last day!
  3. ramsince62

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    Aug 2, 2010
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    North Texas
    That's about as confident, poised, light hearted and spontaneous )quips) as I've ever seen Bradford. It's good to see more of his personality begin to come out.
  4. cvramsfan

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    Jul 4, 2013
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    Central Valley of Calif
    I was thinking the same thing while watching. He just seems to have something about him that I don't remember seeing before. It's like am I the guy, yeah I AM the guy! I like it, can't wait for the season to start.