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TRANSCRIPT: Fisher, Schottenheimer, Walton (10/31)

Discussion in 'RAMS - NFL TALK' started by -X-, Oct 31, 2013.

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    Jun 20, 2010
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    Rams Head Coach Jeff Fisher – Post-Practice – October 31, 2013

    (On Titans RB Chris Johnson’s numbers being down this year)
    “His numbers are down but the skillset is not, it’s still there. He’s still got the vision, he’s still got the explosiveness and he can go the distance at any time. We talk about having to adjust our pursuit angles for him because it’s a different speed than what we’re used to playing.”

    (On Titans QB Jake Locker)
    “He’s throwing, especially in his last outing a couple weeks ago against the (San Francisco) Niners, he threw for over 300 yards, so making good decisions and if he needs to run he can. He’s got a good group of receivers and tight ends that are getting open, so he’s playing well. He’s played well all year.”

    (On Titans TE Delanie Walker)
    “He’s fit in there nicely. (TE) Craig’s (Stevens) the big blocking tight end. Delanie can block, but he’s really a threat down the field, so it’s a good group inside. He’s playing well, as well.”

    (On DE Robert Quinn)
    “Yeah, he did not practice today – the hip, so he’ll be alright.”

    (On the Titans receiving corps)
    “Nate’s (Washington) just, he’s one of those speed guys – those tough speed guys that loves to play and wants the ball, can run after catch and can elevate for a slight guy, he’s about 180 pounds. Kendall, (Wright) we really liked coming out, he’s very explosive, run after catch. And Damian’s (Walker) a very crafty receiver. He’s going to do the returning for them. He was a high school quarterback, so we have to be alert in the return game so that he doesn’t throw the ball, reverse it, things like that. And then the 'rook' from Tennessee’s (Justin Hunter) coming on. He’s a guy that can elevate and jump and Kenny’s (Britt) Kenny. I don’t think Kenny’s back yet from the knee stuff but he will be. He’s a very good blocker and he’s an explosive receiver, again, that can elevate. So, at the end of the day, Jake’s (Locker) got tall receivers that can all catch and run.”
    (On how the players are responding to the shorter work week)
    “They’re great. They were great today, so we’ll be back on schedule tomorrow. We’re not ready to play today, but we will be on Sunday.”

    (On the later practice times this week)
    “Yeah, you think about they’re playing until 11 o’clock at night on Monday. So, today’s Thursday so you want to give them as much distance between the game and the full speed practices as you can, so that’s what we did.”

    (On Tennessee coming off a bye week)
    “Seattle had an extra four or five days because they had the Thursday game and then they didn’t have to play until the following Monday. It happens. That’s how the scheduling works out sometimes, so we’ve got a bye week coming up.”

    Rams Offensive Coordinator Brian Schottenheimer – Post-Practice – October 31, 2013

    (On how to get the offense back to the red zone success they had early in the season)
    “I think obviously we did earlier in the year, had some things going with run-pass options and stuff. Unfortunately, just the last couple of games we’ve kind of missed a few things. Fourth down play last two weeks, obviously we want to have both of those back, both against Carolina and last week. But, I think it comes down to execution. There’s definitely got to be a balance of run and pass, but we’ve studied. We’ve looked at it. There’s some things that we’re going to kind of adjust and kind of get back to some core concepts, but it comes down to execution.”

    (On the last play of the game against Seattle, specifically if QB Kellen Clemens had options between run and pass)
    “No. Obviously, we ran it on third down, thought we could maybe get in there. Got some penetration up front and (RB) Daryl (Richardson) couldn’t get through. So, on fourth down we went with kind of our ‘got to have it’ play. We have a number of plays, but usually the menu’s got about two or three. Those are our ‘got to have its.’ Those are what we call quite a bit.”

    (On if those plays are normally successful)
    “Yeah, absolutely. We’ve thrown a couple touchdown passes on it. You’ve got to give them credit. They made a good play. They brought an all-out blitz and No. 39 got a good quick jam on ‘Quickie’ (WR Brian Quick) and couldn’t find the ball.”

    (On if he would rather not have an empty backfield in the final play of Monday’s game)
    “No. The good thing about the empty backfield is it kind of shows what they’re getting ready to do. Makes it easy for the quarterback to see. It undresses some of their blitzes. Again, there’s a number of plays in that game that I’d like to probably have called back but that was one I felt very good about.”

    (On having thrown several touchdown passes inside the 5-yard line)
    “Yeah, absolutely. Going back to the end of the year…in that situation, I think it’s good to give your quarterback some options. That play gives us a lot of options based on what they do. In that situation, they made the play and we didn’t.”

    (On if they can replicate the running performance from the game against Seattle)
    “Obviously, I think we can. I think we’ve found an awfully good tailback in Zac Stacy. The line’s doing a heck of a job. That front we just played is really good – eight-man front, a lot of movement. They’re all parked down in there. We’ll see the same this week, so it’ll be a good challenge for us. I think a couple weeks ago when we started talking about balance and getting back to the running game, the last four games we’ve done a really, really good job with the running game. It starts with the way we’ve started practicing. We’ve adjusted some things. You saw maybe some 9-on-7, things like that we’ve gone back to, and the guys have just bought into it. We’re awfully proud of where we’re at with the run game.”

    (On if Stacy has exceeded his expectations)
    “I think we knew we were getting a good football player, but what he’s done the last couple weeks is very impressive.”

    (On getting WR Tavon Austin more involved in the offense)
    “I think, obviously, when you’re running the ball the way we are there’s going to be limited touches for the receivers, the skill guys. We’re trying to find a balance of run-pass. We’ve got a lot of weapons. Again, there are certain things that we can do from a matchup standpoint to try and get him involved with the ball. Just with him not being out there every time, when you put him out there sometimes they’re looking for certain things. For example, we throw a little screen to him against Carolina and the defensive end runs right to it because he, ‘Hey why is No. 11 in the game? They’re going to try to get him the ball.’ It’s our job to get him more involved in situations when he’s probably not even getting the ball, so when he goes out there it’s not such a red flag. But, he’s had a good week of prep. I think there’s some things that he needs to continue to do to tighten up some of his routes. You’ll see him make some plays, I think, starting this week”

    (On getting TE Jared Cook going again in the offense)
    “The big thing is the guys all want to help us win, but there’s one ball. And I think they all know that. The quarterback’s going to read his progressions out. Everybody’s got plays designed for them, and as long as we win and make plays, everybody’s happy. It comes down to with them getting the time with Kellen, certainly. Playing with a new quarterback, most of their work’s been with (QB) Sam (Bradford). But, ‘Cookie’ (Cook) just wants to help us win. Made a couple big plays for us in the game, but again, when you have a run game there’s going to be limited opportunities. When those guys need to continue to step up for us will be on third down making plays for us to extend drives. Again, we want to look for matchups for them, but sometimes those don’t get called in the game when you rush for 200 yards. You’re going to keep going back to what works. That’s good by us as long as we win.”

    (On what he’s seen from the Tennessee defense, particularly in the secondary)
    “Secondary’s really good. Obviously, two really good safeties with (Bernard) Pollard and (Michael) Griffin. Obviously, Coach knows those guys really, really well. Probably, a really good tandem. I think (Jason) McCourty’s a really good corner, (Alterraun) Varner playing the other side. They’re up in your face, a lot of press man-to-man. They’re going to challenge you. Then, they mix that in with some split safety zone. So, you’ve got to be ready for everything. It’s a very, very good group. They’ve done a nice job in the passing game, slowing people down. They’ve got a good pass rush, so it’ll be a good challenge.”

    (On if he can see an influence from Senior Defensive Assistant Coach Gregg Williams on the defense)
    “Absolutely, you can see Gregg’s fingerprints on that. I think Jerry Gray does a great job. I think they’re very well-coached. It will be a good challenge for us. The good news is there is some carryover from what we saw last week with Seattle coming off the Monday night game in terms of the eight-man front and some of the stuff we’ll have to block. So, that does help you.”

    (On how unusual it is to rotate offensive linemen as much as they do and if they do it because they’re close in ability)
    “Yeah and obviously you know that injuries are part of the game. But, if you remember last year, the last four games we rotated (LGs) Chris (Williams) and Shelley (Smith). As guys go and get kind of get nicked up and bumped up, you want to make sure you have guys rolling through at different spots. It’s a credit to them that they’ve been able to do it so well. So, we expect Shelley to step in. It’s not going to be any new for him. He’s played with this group. I think he’ll step in and play really well for us because of those reps.”

    (On if he rotates RTs Joe Barksdale and Rodger Saffold for the same reason)
    “Yeah, absolutely. Again, sometimes it’s good because you give the defensive ends and the defensive tackles different looks because their going against a different player. They study certain guys just like we study certain defensive lineman techniques. That kind of helps keep them off guard, ‘OK. Hey I’ve got to prepare for two guys rather than one.’

    Rams Defensive Coordinator Tim Walton – Post-Practice – October 31, 2013

    (On the defensive performance against Seattle)
    “The guys flew around and played hard, played physical. Played with a lot of emotion and had a good time.”

    (On if the defense can replicate their performance)
    “Yeah, I think we can. Guys will go out and just play with the same energy, play with the same focus. They’re having fun, they’re playing physical, they’re playing together as a group. Starting to understand things better and I think, definitely, we can continue to play well.”

    (On Titans RB Chris Johnson)
    “He’s a home run threat every time he touches the ball. He can get on the perimeter, get on the edge. If you give him a crease, he has the ability to, obviously, take it the distance every time, so we have to be really gap sound. We have to be fundamentally on point with the stuff that we do, and we have to keep him corralled and keep him from getting on the edge of our defense.”

    (On Titans RB Shonn Greene)
    “He’s a different style of back, and I’m pretty sure they’ll use the dual system with those guys to give a change of pace with him. He’s a good football player so he’ll be back in. I’m pretty sure he’ll get quite a few touches also. They’ll try to get a balance with the different type of running style that he brings to the table than ‘C.J.’ (Chris Johnson), so we have to be ready to play a complete game in the running attack.”

    (On Titans QB Jake Locker’s running ability)
    “Yes, he has a strong arm also. He’s getting better at throwing the football and he moves the chains with his feet. He can extend plays, he can get outside the pocket. He runs very well, so he’s also a dual threat guy with the ball in his hand.”

    (On how CB Cortland Finnegan played last week and what he adds to the lineup)
    “He did a great job last week and he brings that tenacity. He brings that aggressive attitude and brings the energy. Guys feed off of him. He’s the leader on the back end, so it’s good to have him back. And that’s how the game is played, with the toughness and the stuff that he brings, so look for him to continue that this week.”

    (On if CB Janoris Jenkins stumbled on Seattle WR Golden Tate’s 80-yard touchdown reception)
    “Yeah, he just lost his footing a little bit, so he didn’t get the chance to finish aggressive at the top of the route and the receiver was able to do that. So, that allowed him to pull the down, but it’s just one of those things. We just have to keep working on keeping our balance and try to finish at the highest point of it and get the ball out and try to avoid having explosive plays.”

    (On if last week was one the cornerback corps’ better games this year)
    “Yes, for us to be able to rush the passer and get to the quarterback like that, guys have to do well outside. Putting hands on receivers pretty good and competing and challenging guys out there, so it works together. The defensive ends and defensive line, that all complements each other on the back end.”

    (On the Titans’ receiving corps)
    “Talented group of guys. (Kendall) Wright is very quick and can change directions really well. Nate Washington has been a savvy player. He knows how to run routes, he gets open, and (Kenny) Britt is a big man. He’s a power, physical guy and (Damian) Williams. They have a good group of receivers overall and then Delanie Walker, they flex him out and he’s a very athletic tight end. We have to come play another good game because they have weapons that they can get the ball to.”
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    I'm the Dude, man.
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    Jun 20, 2010
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