The “Who’ll be back in 2022” Poll (Version 1.0)

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Who will be back in 2022?

  • Andrew Whitworth

    Votes: 16 19.8%
  • Johnny Hekker

    Votes: 22 27.2%
  • Brian Allen

    Votes: 50 61.7%
  • Austin Corbett

    Votes: 63 77.8%
  • Sony Michel

    Votes: 14 17.3%
  • Von Miller

    Votes: 61 75.3%
  • Odell Beckham, Jr.

    Votes: 31 38.3%
  • Sebastian Joseph-Day

    Votes: 40 49.4%
  • Joseph Noteboom

    Votes: 69 85.2%
  • Darious Williams

    Votes: 22 27.2%

  • Total voters


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May 9, 2018
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should havenstien be on this pole to
I don't think so. He's not set to be a free agent, and he's certainly not going to retire. And, unlike Johnny Hekker, who has a dead cap number of $2.1M and could be replaced with a Day 3 selection/undrafted FA, Havenstein would has a $4.6M dead cap number for 2022 and would be much tougher to replace.

That's not to say that the Rams won't surprise me and let him go. They've certainly surprised me before. But, right now, I don't see the logic in letting a 30 year old (he'll turn 30 this offseason) quality starting RT who is making less than $10M per year go, particularly when two starting OL (Allen, Corbett) will be UFAs, another will likely retire (Whitworth), and his backup (Noteboom) is set to be a UFA as well.


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Jun 28, 2010
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Same but I swapped Corbett with Allen. I think Center is harder to replace.

I wrestled with that. My thinking is Allen might be good (and my opinion could go up or down with so many games left to play)… but, they were open to Corbin at C to start the off-season… And Corbin has been a tank for a couple of years at G…. Therefore…

I think his versatility, Shelton’s potential (why not… Allen emerged) and the ability to grab a top center where we are drafting anyway… makes keeping Corbin the priority. (y)


May 6, 2014
Noteboom has been a backup the whole 4 years. He shouldn't cost much to bring back. And he does seem better suited for tackle than guard.

I think they'll bring back Corbett. They need as much continuity on the line as they can get.

They should do what they can to bring back Miller. They gave up some picks for him. Don't want to make that for a half year rental.

OBJ would be nice but he'd be the proverbial luxury we can't afford. I imagine someone will offer him more money that we can pay. Even though he hasn't been as good the past couple years. The potential is high he can be good again with the right team.

I don't know if Big Whit will retire or not. If he does retire they would need to keep Noteboom.

Darius Williams has not had the kind of year he had last year. He might not be as expensive as we thought.

SJD is a solid player. He's played pretty well for a late round pick. I hope they re-sign him. But if some team want to be pay him like a legit high end starter we might not be able to.

I have no idea why Hekker's play has declined the past couple years. He'll be 32 next season. I wouldn't think a punter's skills would decline at that age. I think its possible this is his last year as a Ram.

Allen and Michel are nothing more than JAGS. I think they need to upgrade the center position. With Akers returning and Henderson I don't see the need for Michel.


Jun 2, 2013
If Whit comes back (and he just might), Noteboom is gone. There are 2 Tackles in the bullpen right now with Jackson and Anchrum. Why spend FA $$ for a backup?

Hekker: Rams traded the wrong punter. He will have to outkick his competition in camp next year.

Allen: He goes back and forth. Dunno if it’s a learning process or he just isn’t a full-time starter. Either way, it makes re-signing Corbett necessary. Corbett can play all over the interior.

Michel: He’ll make it to camp, at least. If the cost isn’t high, why wouldn’t you want to keep him with Akers and Henderson? The RB position would be set.

SJD: This is really the big one. With the emergence of Gaines, the Rams might let him walk, but I know I’D try to keep him. The $$ might be there. Just haven’t seen enough outta his potential replacements.

Miller: Not seeing it. Dumb trade, at this point. Hollins is set to be back next week.

OB Gyn: Would he be able to accept a role as a #3 or 4 WR? I’m not bailing on Woods just yet and anybody that is should be ashamed of themselves—he’s one of the more significant “heartbeat” players on this team. McVay went after him immediately upon hire.

DW: Tough one to figure. The secondary is not playing well and that leaves little room for re-signing players who are struggling. It’s now a position in rebuild. The Rams have been throwing everyone back there, looking for the right combo.


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Jul 30, 2010
Voted OBJ, Corbett, and Noteboom.

SJD, as much as I wish he'd stay, will likely get a huge payday elsewhere and garner us a high comp pick. Whitworth will retire after we win the Super Bowl this year. Michel is a stopgap. Williams, while his play hasn't been good, will likely earn a good comp pick. As for Allen, re-signing Corbett and OBJ squeezes him out. Miller was a good trade, but I doubt we re-sign him. And as much as I love Hekker, I don't know what to think about special teams. I don't know if it's the punt coverage, but he's gotta cost a lot of money.

I also think that we end up trading Woods. With a younger receiver in OBJ, Woods is kind of redundant, and I honestly think that even with his injury, he could get at least a second.