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The 2014 Rams Free Agent Class

Discussion in 'RAMS - NFL TALK' started by FRO, Jun 9, 2014.

  1. FRO

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    Jun 1, 2013
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    Last year I wanted either Jared Cook or Jake Long we got both. However looking over free agency you rarely get good bang for your buck. Had Jake Long not tore his knee, he would have been well worth his contract if not out performing it. Jared Cook is an athletic freak, however I feel he is better when not the primary option. Then look at the 2012 class headed by Finnagen, Wells, and Langford. Langford is solid, Wells is average, and last year Finnagen was horrible. Then you had guys in the 2012 class like Hayes and Dunbar who have plays very well for us. This 2014 class tries to see if they can get more Hayes/Dunbar types. It is possible however we can get Laws/Turner types instead. With that being said I really like the 2014 class. This is how free agency should be done. Forking out big money rarely works and usually loads your cap space with dead money. Free agency should be used as a side dish, not the main course. That's what the draft is for. If you can't draft well you are doomed.

    2014 free agent class:
    Alex Carringron DT Age: 26- Started all 3 games he played in last year for Buffalo. Fringe starting ability. Great rotational DT

    Shaun Hill QB Age: 34- One of the best backups in the game. A huge improvement at the position.

    Kenny Britt WR Age: 25- Looked like he was going to emerge as a star WR early in his career. Injuries and attitude derailed that. If he can regain form he will be a steal.

    TJ Moe WR Age: 23- Rams tried signing him as a UDFA last year. Could emerge as an Amendola like slot guy.

    Greg Reid CB Age: 23- Slot CB and special teams guy. Has plus physical ability. Off the field concerns.

    Davin Joseph OG Age: 30- Comes in as a swing OG. If recovered fully from his injury he will be a bargain.
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  2. fearsomefour

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    Jan 15, 2013
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    Low risk signings. I really like Carrington and Hill signings. Have wanted Hill for several years, ideal backup in my mind.
    I am interested to see what Reid and Britt can do.
  3. Boffo97

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    Feb 10, 2014
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    Low risk high reward signings have been a key for this administration it seems.

    Even with what can be regarded as THE biggest free agent acquisition under this administration, Jake Long, we have a contract that IF WE NEED TO, we can dump after next season with only 2 million and change in dead money.

    Jared Cook's contract may be the exception to the rule there though.
  4. den-the-coach

    Fifty-four Forty or Fight
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    Jan 16, 2013
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    Upstate New York
    What's really nice about the signing of Shaun Hill is in the third pre-season games against the Cleveland Browns many of us won't have to listen to Browns Color analyst Bernie Kosar crack on QB Kellen Clemens!
  5. Sum1

    Hall of Fame
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    Jun 24, 2010
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    STL, MO, 314
    Carrington was one of the guys I wanted the Rams to go out and get. He'd probably be a starter somewhere if he didn't have injury issues. Hopefully those are behind him and he is a very solid 4th DT.
  6. Faceplant

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    Aug 11, 2010
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    HA! Actually, NO ONE will have to hear him slur on about their backup QB. They fired his a$$ a few months ago. Be gone Bernie. Go bankrupt your wife's family now....
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  7. junkman

    Farewell to all!
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    Jun 3, 2014
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    Chesterfield, Missouri
    I had to do my free agency exercise to decide what I thought about all these 1 year deals. If one of them really pans out, then you have hard time signing them. But I guess that evens out in the end compared to wasting money on bad FAs. All these guys, of course, become 2015 free agents.

    So looking ahead to 2015 free agency, this is not horrible. I've bolded the folks who'd get a little extra attention from me (some more than others) in addition to any of these 1 year guys who perform and any "bubble" players who perform (Pettis, Kendricks, McLeod, Harkey...). That gives the Rams 2 full seasons without any major contract headaches.

    Shaun Hill
    QB UFA 34 $1,750,000
    Davin Joseph
    G UFA 30 $1,750,000
    Austin Pettis WR UFA 26 $1,575,567
    Alex Carrington DE UFA 26 $1,500,000
    Kenny Britt
    WR UFA 25 $1,375,000
    Lance Kendricks TE UFA 26 $1,344,614
    Joe Barksdale
    RT UFA 25 $645,000
    Michael Person RT UFA 25 $645,000
    Matt Daniels
    S RFA 24 $573,333
    Johnny Hekker
    P RFA 24 $573,333
    Matt Conrath
    DT RFA 24 $572,000
    Rodney McLeod S RFA 24 $571,333
    Tim Barnes C RFA 26 $570,000
    Austin Davis
    QB RFA 25 $570,000
    Sammy Brown
    DE UFA 24 $495,000
    Chase Reynolds
    RB ERFA 26 $495,000
    Justin Veltung
    WR ERFA 23 $495,000
    Brandon Washington
    G ERFA 25 $495,000
    Bobby Cowan
    P ERFA $420,000
    Etienne Sabino
    OLB ERFA 23 $420,000
    Todd Anderson
    FB RFA 25
    Cory Harkey TE ERFA 23
    Calvin Middleton
    RB RFA 24

    Then, looking ahead to 2016... it looks pretty bad with Quinn and Bradford hitting in the same year. But Bradford is already on big money, so this is just a matter of re-signing him to a similar deal. And a few of the guys (e.g. Jenkins and Brockers I'm guessing) probably have 5th year options. Which pushes them to 2017. The team should survive 2016 free agency pretty well, where Quinn's contract is the only one which will out and out suck to write those checks... but Quinn has to be re-signed. No choice.


    Sam Bradford QB UFA 26 $16,580,000
    Kendall Langford
    DT UFA 28 $7,000,000
    Robert Quinn
    DE UFA 24 $6,969,000
    Scott Wells C UFA 33 $4,750,000
    William Hayes DE UFA 29 $4,355,000
    Michael Brockers
    DT UFA 23 $3,029,727
    Eugene Sims DE UFA 28 $2,016,686
    Brian Quick WR UFA 25 $1,713,918
    Janoris Jenkins CB UFA 25 $1,587,829
    Isaiah Pead RB UFA 24 $1,284,850
    JoLonn Dunbar OLB UFA 29 $1,125,520
    Trumaine Johnson CB UFA 24 $962,294
    Chris Givens WR UFA 24 $784,257
    Greg Zuerlein
    K UFA 26 $723,307
    Benny Cunningham RB RFA 23 $588,334
    Philip Steward OLB RFA 23 $588,334
    Ray-Ray Armstrong OLB RFA 25 $585,000
    Daren Bates ILB RFA 23 $585,000
    Mason Brodine DE RFA 26 $585,000
    Cody Davis S RFA 25 $585,000
    Emory Blake WR ERFA 22 $510,000
    Justice Cunningham TE ERFA 23 $510,000
    Sean Hooey RT ERFA 23 $510,000
    Caleb McSurdy ILB UFA 24 $510,000
    Darren Woodard CB ERFA 24 $510,000

    2017, 2018, 2019... with all these RGIII bounty picks hitting, it'll be tough keeping the team together. But that's 3 / 4 / 5 full seasons away (and 2 / 3 / 4 new draft classes away), an eternity in NFL time (i.e. Aaron Donald and Greg Robinson presuming they get extended with a 5th year option don't become free agents until 2019). Between now and then, we just need to make smart choices about which of all these young players get re-signed to their 2nd contracts to keep the team together, make good draft picks to replace the guys we lose, free agency to spackle in the rest.

    If this team and all these young players can really put it together, they should have a solid 4 year window starting now where they are very competitive.
  8. NJRamsFan

    Cocaine Cowboy
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    Aug 15, 2012
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    Britt, Reid, and Carington really excite me. Think we got a lot of under the radar moves that will have huge impacts on the field
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  9. FRO

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    Jun 1, 2013
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    To me you don't get bang for your buck in free agency. Draft well, resign your guys, add cheap free agents with upside like we did.
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  10. RamsAndEwe

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    Apr 2, 2014
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    Carrington will block a few passes, Extra-P's, and field goals.
  11. RamzFanz

    Rams On Demand Sponsor
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    Jun 4, 2013
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    St. Louis
    Rams can't keep paying Bradford at that level if he doesn't stay healthy this season and have some serious success with the players he has.