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Site won't load correctly

Discussion in 'SITE HELP / TESTING AREA' started by moklerman, Aug 29, 2014.

  1. moklerman

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    Oct 8, 2011
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    Bakersfield, CA
    Not sure if X has forwarded the problems I've been having to you but there's something going on with my ISP on this site. I just learned about web proxy servers and that's the only way I can sign in and use the site from my home computer where I usually read/post from.

    I tried logging in from work and had the same problems which leads me to believe that there's something on the site's end that his limiting/restricting my access. I've tried: Chrome(my regular browser), Firefox and IE and each time get the same result so I don't think it's the browser.

    I logged on and used the site from my mom's house earlier this morning and everything seemed to be fine but now that I'm home, I'm getting the same issue. When I try to go to the site it's very slow and basically won't load the site. If it does get past that point eventually, I can't open any threads. I can click on them but a white screen comes up and it just times out without loading.

    So, I tried the web proxy and it seems to "fix' the problem. I've tried clearing my history and cache but that didn't seem to fix it so my assumption is it's something in the site's settings but I'm open to suggestions. Oh, also, this seems to be the only site I'm having an issue with so I think it's on that end of things.