Sam Howell of North Carolina is the next big quarterback.

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Your (Somewhat) Friendly Neighborhood Authoress.
Jul 30, 2010
I watched his game against the Clemson Tigers. He almost pulled off an upset win of Clemson, and he played just as good as Trevor Lawrence, in my opinion.

The only reason UNC lost was because their head coach , Mack Wilson of Texas fame, called a stupid play to try to go for two with less than a minute to go in the fourth instead of trusting his offense and defense, who played excellent ball.

Howell's got an advanced feel for the pocket, which is amazing, especially since he's a true freshman. I haven't seen him throw long yet (probably because he's a true freshman and because UNC has an excellent running back in Javonte Williams - and also because I caught the NC/Clemson game late), but he reminds me of Russell Wilson with his escapability, maneuvering in the pocket, and when he takes off and runs, he's surprisingly more athletic than you'd expect. Although he isn't tall, he's bigger than you'd expect at 6'1", 225 lbs. He can throw darts, even under duress. He's also extremely clutch; he turns it on another gear in the fourth quarter.

Mark my words: Sam Howell is already a fantastic college quarterback, and in my opinion, will be good enough to start in the NFL.


Your (Somewhat) Friendly Neighborhood Authoress.
Jul 30, 2010

He set a new UNC record for damn near everything as a freshman against Georgia Tech. So far in five games, he has fifteen touchdowns to three picks, 1,544 yards, and a 63.1% completion percentage for 7.9 yards per throw. And he's doing it with receivers who really aren't that talented compared to their peers.

I'll reiterate it: Sam Howell is a special quarterback who will be a top fifteen pick if he continues improving his game.


Jan 23, 2013
His receivers look pretty acrobatic. Good body control, leaping ability, and concentration, to be able to catch some of those balls.

Howell looked pretty good. I’ll have to catch a UNC game sometimes.


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