LEGEND Rams... The Game!

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Hamburger Connoisseur
Jun 28, 2010
Burger man
It’s Friday night... people are land locked... let’s make the best of it with... THREAD GAMES!

What are Thread Games? I have no freaking idea. I made it up. I think, anyway.

But... here is a game... let’s see if we can make it past 10 posts...
  1. I am going to post a word.
  2. The next person posts with a RELATED word
  3. The next person posts a RELATED word
  4. So on and so forth... until we get bored
Seriously, there is only one rule. You can still smoke weed.

And... You can only watch so much NetFlix folks. Let’s see how creative we get each night. Fuck you Corona Virus!

And yes, it’s Rams/NFL, look at the title...

Let’s go....

Here is the word... next person posts a RELATED word...

Word: Rams


Don’t be chicken.