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Rams-Packers: Snap Counts

Discussion in 'RAMS - NFL TALK' started by RamBill, Aug 17, 2014.

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    Jul 31, 2010
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    Rams-Packers: Snap Counts

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    Taking a look at the snap counts and what it might suggest about the Rams' roster after their second preseason game, a 7-21 loss to the Packers.

    The snap counts are in from yesterday's game. Let's take a look at the work rate from the team.
    S Bradford QB 22 30.99%
    G Gilbert QB 19 26.76%
    A Davis QB 15 21.13%
    S Hill QB 15 21.13%

    Part of the issue here was that the offense was shut down after Bradford exited the game. Think about it like this: Bradford got two series, Hill got three (if you don't count the kneeldown prior to halftime), Gilbert got three and Davis got three. So all the backups actually had the same amount of series, all more than Sam...they just couldn't move the ball all that well.

    As I mentioned in the roster tracker this week, the decision here is whether or not to limit the QB position to just Bradford and Hill or whether to include Gilbert who's getting the third QB snaps. Neither he nor fourth QB Austin Davis looked all that spectacular, so if this was the decision point, two QBs might be the optimal move. In terms of work though, the team is certainly allowing them to play their way up.
    Name POS Offense ST
    T Mason RB 22 30.99% N/A
    T Watts RB 17 23.94% 12 48%
    B Cunningham RB 16 22.54% 4 16%
    Z Stacy RB 16 22.54% N/A
    C Reynolds RB N/A 5 20%
    I Pead RB N/A 2 8%

    If there's something to be gleaned here, it's how entrenched Tre Mason is as the second back right now...or at least that the team is looking at him to see if that's going to be the case for Week 1. The Pead injury was tragic. He's never caught on for any reason, but injuries are just the worst, especially non-contact injuries.

    Of course this doesn't look at production. The line created nothing for Stacy and little for Mason, resulting on some pretty dismal totals. Bear in mind last year saw Chase Reynolds as the RB4 for his ST duties with Pead occasionally thrown in. With Daryl Richardson gone, there would seem to be room for Benny Cunningham again...the question is if there is room for Watts. He definitely got the lions share of special teams work.
    Name POS Offense ST
    A Franklin WR 23 32.39% 8 32%
    S Bailey WR 21 29.58% 2 8%
    B Quick WR 21 29.58% N/A
    T Austin WR 19 26.76% 1 4%
    E Blake WR 16 22.54% 9 36%
    C Givens WR 16 22.54% 1 4%
    J Harris WR 13 18.31% 7 28%
    T Moe WR 13 18.31% 2 8%
    K Britt WR 11 15.49% N/A
    A Pettis WR 11 15.49% N/A
    J Veltung WR 5 7.04% 5 20%

    Emory Blake, Austin Franklin, Jordan Harris and Justin Veltung are fighting for the special teams nod here. I'd also point to the low work rates of Kenny Britt and Austin Pettis. Is the staff comfortable with their readiness? They obviously wanted to get Bailey, Quick & Austin plenty of time with Sam.
    Name POS Offense ST
    A Bayer TE 37 52.11% 11 44%
    J Cunningham TE 35 49.30% 9 36%
    J Cook TE 14 19.72% N/A
    L Kendricks TE 12 16.90% 1 4%
    B Smelley TE 9 12.68% N/A
    C Harkey TE 8 11.27% 5 20%

    The Bayer/Cunningham roster battle is real.
    Name POS Offense ST
    M Person T 71 100.00% 2 8%
    S Hooey T 49 69.01% 2 8%
    T Bond G 41 57.75% 2 8%
    M Van Dyk T 39 54.93% 1 4%
    G Robinson T 32 45.07% 1 4%
    R Dill T 27 38.03% 2 8%
    T Barnes C 22 30.99% 2 8%
    J Barksdale T 22 30.99% 1 4%
    D Joseph G 22 30.99% N/A
    S Wells C 22 30.99% N/A
    D Morrell T 8 11.27% 1 4%

    Mike Person certainly got a run out yesterday. With Jake Long and Rodger Saffold both out, it's tough to get a solid grasp on what was really going on here. Suffice to say with the quality of the run blocking, we'll need them back. But looking at the reserves, I'm not sure how the coaching staff is looking at how things will shake out based on the snap count alone.

    Make sure to check Van's O-line recap for more on the status of the line.
    Name POS Defense ST
    E Westbrooks DT 39 55.71% 3 12%
    A Donald DT 38 54.29% 1 4%
    M Conrath DT 32 45.71% 5 20%
    D Harlan DT 30 42.86% 1 4%
    K Brown DE 28 40.00% 1 4%
    M Sam DE 27 38.57% 3 12%
    C Long DE 20 28.57% 1 4%
    K Langford DT 20 28.57% 1 4%
    R Quinn DE 19 27.14% 1 4%
    E Sims DE 16 22.86% 3 12%
    A Carrington DT 12 17.14% 1 4%

    Westbrooks took a huge step up last night. As much work as Michael Sam got, it's hard not to feel Westbrooks is ahead of him for a DE role. And notice that Aaron Donald surpassed 50% of snaps where Greg Robinson didn't quite make that threshold. Rookies getting work.

    On a side note, the lack of pass rush was the most troubling aspect of yesterday's game. It wasn't due to sitting the ones...Robert Quinn and Chris Long were both in on the early snaps along with Kendall Langford. Say what you will about Michael Brockers' absence, but that has to change if the Rams are going to find anything near success as a team this year. Let's hope it's a one off.
    Name POS Defense ST
    R Armstrong LB 47 67.14% 6 24%
    D Bates LB 33 47.14% 3 12%
    J Dunbar LB 24 34.29% 2 8%
    A Ogletree LB 24 34.29% N/A
    P Steward LB 13 18.57% 13 52%
    A Hill LB 13 18.57% 11 44%
    L Wilson LB 6 8.57% 16 64%

    Ray Ray's definitely getting a ton of work in James Laurinaitis' absence. Perhaps we've got a battle for the sixth LB spot on our hands. Definitely worth tracking Philip Steward to see if he's holding on to it next weekend.
    Name POS Defense ST
    L Joyner DB 51 72.86% 2 8%
    G Reid DB 41 58.57% 3 12%
    M Alexander DB 40 57.14% 14 56%
    M Roberson DB 34 48.57% 6 24%
    B McGee CB 28 40.00% 5 20%
    C Davis DB 28 40.00% 3 12%
    R McLeod FS 24 34.29% 2 8%
    T Johnson CB 24 34.29% 2 8%
    A Cunningham DB 17 24.29% 10 40%
    C Bryant DB 17 24.29% 2 8%
    J Bryant DB 13 18.57% 3 12%
    T McDonald SS 12 17.14% 4 16%

    Perhaps the most interesting point here was the amount of special teams work Maurice Alexander and Avery Cunningham received. Pretty clear indication of their value beyond the position. And yes, Joyner got a ton of field time. He needs it too. Along with GRob and Donald, he's going to be a key rookie component of the team.