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Discussion in 'RAMS - NFL TALK' started by Shaky, Nov 27, 2011.

  1. Shaky

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    Rams Head Coach Steve Spagnuolo

    (Opening Remarks)
    “Very disappointing loss. Parts of it I’d say we’re in there battling and yet we made too many mistakes and end up losing the football game. Very disappointing. I’m going to give you the injuries real quick. (WR) Dominique Curry’s got a shoulder. He’ll have to get it checked. (S) Darian Stewart was a head injury. We’ll see where he’s at tomorrow. He felt better in there when I saw him. (FB) Brit Miller, (LB) Chris Chamberlain battled hamstrings, stayed in there. And (CB) Nate Ness had an ankle issue. I know one of the questions is going to be the end of the half, so I’ll address that right now. Certainly, we can’t go backwards with a 5-yard penalty-that’s on everybody. We need to clean that up. And then to take the sack. At that particular point, my decision to let it come down initially, was to let it come down and kick the field goal. I just felt like it was going to be a tight football game and points, we had to have points. I didn’t want to take a chance of losing them, so I was trying to be smart there. We were a little bit in disarray, and then as the offensive coaches talked to me they said, ‘Let’s take one shot.’ And so I thought maybe that was a good thing to do and then we kicked it. So that’s why I did what I did at the end there. Certainly, we’ve got to find a way when we’re at the 3-yard line to get it in the end zone. Certainly, would’ve made a big difference. So with that I’ll open it up.”


    QB Sam Bradford

    (On how frustrated he is from today’s game)
    “Very. The opportunities that we had to keep ourselves in this game, the opportunities we had to put ourselves ahead, and possibly, not close out the game, but put the game out of reach… to continually hurt ourselves with penalties or negative plays, it just becomes extremely frustrating. I’m almost out of, I don’t know what to do anymore. I feel like I’ve tried to approach it in as many different ways as I can and it seems that nothing that I have done has helped, but that just means that I’ve got to continue to try to find ways that does help us eliminate those plays. Because if we eliminate those, I think today would be a totally different ball game.”


    RB Steven Jackson

    (On today’s loss being disappointing)
    “Another disappointing loss. Our defense played really good football for the most part. They created turnovers, gave us field position that should allow for us to put points on the board. When you let a team like that make mistakes and the team sticks around, they leaned heavily on (RB) Beanie Wells, and things led for them to win the game. It’s unfortunate, because I thought that this was a game that was winnable.”


    LB James Laurinaitis, DE Chris Long

    LB James Laurinaitis

    (On if Arizona’s rushing performance took him by surprise)
    “Yeah it did. They were able to break contain on some of their runs that broke deep. The one run was a play we hadn’t really seen and probably adjusted to it well and then later on in the game they popped another big one. It just seemed the big plays hurt us. I felt like our defense did a good job of creating some turnovers, but then we would give it right back on the big plays. We weren’t able to be consistent at all today, and frankly that’s just unacceptable run defense, to be honest.”


    WR/PR Nick Miller, DB Rod Hood, SS Craig Dahl
    WR/PR Nick Miller

    (On how his punt return for a touchdown happened)
    “It was just set up really well. I had great blocking, and when I saw him come off the end and seal it and once I got around that corner, I saw nothing but blue jerseys and freedom.”


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  2. cfin5256

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    Aug 23, 2010
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    Don't like hearing Sam say that. Very disquieting.
  3. Anonymous

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    Yes it is. Sad to see it happening.
  4. ramsince62

    Pro Bowler
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    Aug 2, 2010
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    North Texas
    But at this point, not really surprising, is it? :bummed:
  5. Shaky

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    by Seeqi :lol:

    Posted on Bernie's forum by "Num 1 Rams Fan In South Missouri":

    "On the Arizona game:

    First off, I want to congratulate Mike Matheny for landing the Cardinals job. What was this? the Cards 11th World Championship. I'll have to ask Reggie on that I can't remember.

    On our game, I thought the guys battled hard out there. What was it? a 3 point game there late in the 4th quarter? I can't remember somebody will have to help me out there. Did you see Jones kick that ball on the 50 yarder? I mean, Josh just nailed it a little off line but wow that guy has a leg don't he? I can't remember you guys will have to help me but didn't he make one just before that? Someone go ask Reggie for me on that one. I am so proud of this football team. This guys fight and there is no quit in them. What was it? A one, two score game there at the end? Regardless, this team just don’t quit I’m proud to be their head coach.

    On the defense:

    Well, what was it, a 3 point game there at the end? Someone go ask Reggie but I think it was. They ran the ball on us a little that was my fault I take the blame there. Scheme issues we will take a look at that on film. We’ll address that on Tuesday and get back to work there on Wednesday. The guys got after that QB today , huh? Can’t remember his name? Skeleton? Wasn’t that his name, Skeleton? Someone will have to help me there maybe Reggie but I’m pretty sure it’s Skeleton. That guy is a player.

    On the non-challenge on the fumble that occurred after we had ran out of bounds:

    I was kneeling down on that one actually was talking to Reggie asking him a question about something that I had forgotten and I don’t think I saw that play. Someone will have to help me out there. Did I see that play? But yeah that’s something we will look at on film and perhaps we need to take a better look at what we are doing and what we aren’t doing on challenges. We’ll look at that on Tuesday and get to work on that Wednesday.

    On the 4th and 1 punt at the end of the game:

    Well, what was that 4th and 1? I don’t remember somebody go ask Reggie but I think it was 4th and one maybe 4th and 4 I don’t know somebody help me with that. I just know that I had confidence in our defense. You just punt in that situation don’t u? Somebody help me out there but I think you punt there. I mean Donnie is one of the best punters in the league fellas. You don’t leave a weapon like that on the sideline do you? I mean, that’s the thought process on that guys but we will take a look at that on Tuesday and talk it over.

    On the rest of the year:

    What, we have seven games left? Maybe 5? Somebody will have to help me there. All I know is that Tuesday we get in that film room and we make corrections. We stay upbeat. We keep fighting. We don’t quit. I know our training Reggie- that guy.. that guy.. man, that guy won’t quit. And I won’t quit. This team won’t quit. What is this? 2011? Somebody help me out there, maybe Reggie. But yeah whatever the year is this Rams team won’t quit.

    On his feelings towards Kroenke:

    Stan, you know the thing about Stan is this… every time I see Stan, I love Stan".
  6. Shaky

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    sorry that was posted on my forum after the game. I didn't see it posted here before I submitted it.
  7. Anonymous

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    I agree. Not surprising at all.
  8. Anonymous

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    You're forgiven but the pins won't come out of the shaky doll.
  9. Shaky

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    just take the one out of my arse for me :rofl: