(Poll) Who would you start this weekend? The Wolford/Goff Collection Thread

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Which QB are you starting?

  • The Wolf

  • Perkins

  • Bortles

  • Hekker the Wrecker

  • Case Keenum

  • Cam Akers

  • Dieter Brock

Results are only viewable after voting.


Hall of Fame
May 25, 2013
At best he didn’t lose it by half of those throws not being picked.

The defense, oline and Akers had more to do with winning it.

And I was responding to the ridiculous claim that Goff came in and won the game.
Rams were in a difficult spot when Wolford went down. The alternative was asking their punter to play QB all game.

Goff was there for the team when they needed him to be, even though he wasn't close to 100%.

And he completed his last five throws and helped put the Seahawks away.


Grill and Brew Master
Jun 24, 2010
Yeah.... I'm sorry but I'm going to lock or merge this thread - haven't decided yet.

It's pretty damn useless and redundant. Don't we have enough of this EXACT debate going on in other threads?