Ol Coach Paul Boudreau

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Hi Joe,

Happy New Year and thanks for generously sharing your time with the board. Very excited about the upcoming 2014 season. Best of luck and good health to you and the team this year.

What is coach like? How has he helped you to understand your strengths and weaknesses? What are some technical developments/refinements you have experienced since entering the league with OAK as a rookie. What were some of the biggest adjustments from LSU to the NFL? What are some areas you think you need to improve on most. Do you think you are better in run blocking or pass pro, and do you have a preference. Who has the better, tougher defense, SEA or SF? What do the Rams need to do on offense to take it to the next level and win the NFC West! :^)



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Addendum -

Can you share some examples of how are you coached to attack DLs and defeat defenders? What kind of keys or tells do you look for in your opponent to get a sense of what they might be doing and how they are going to do it? What are the most challenging kinds of combo rushes (stunts, twists, overloads, etc.) that you face. How important is continuity and chemistry in the OL, to know what the guard next to you is going to do (does this extend to the TE if he lines up next to you?). Who were some of the toughest DEs that lined up across from you? What is your most memorable block in the pros or college? Did you play other positions before college, both ways in high school? Who are some of your favorite or most admired/respected current and historical players, on both sides of the ball?

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Jun 18, 2014
Where are the answers ?When can we welcome Big Joe back.What's his favorite song,& is he The Best Guitar player on The Rams.