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'My Guys' Draft Day Mock

Discussion in 'NFL DRAFT / COLLEGE FOOTBALL' started by codeman, Apr 27, 2017.

  1. codeman

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    Aug 23, 2014
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    2.5 - Trade Down 2.5 and 6.22 for 2.27 + 3.27 + 4.26
    Its really hard to project trades. I think its a good idea to move back and stock pile picks to build the depth of the roster back up.
    2.27 - Gerald Everett TE South Alabama
    Everett is dynamic athlete and really impressive for a TE with the ball in his hands. I love how aggressive he plays and the way he boxes out defenders and snatches the ball out of the air. He's a willing blocker and will be good enough as an H-Back to stay on the field. He's very close to Engram for me as a prospect, but way better value with the extra picks.

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LRuz7YVGBu8

    3.5 - Carlos Henderson WR La Tech
    Henderson is my favourite player this year so I have to include him. He's an explosive playmaker with the ball in his hands and can score from anywhere on the field. His ability to catch the football and quickly transition into the runner is elite (Sammy Watkins-esque) and his open field vision is exceptional. He needs work on his route running (keeping his pads low to sell the vertical routes and sinking his hips more) but I am all in with him and believe he can be the best WR of this draft class. His play speed and strength, ability to make tough catches, catch in traffic, separate, and create YAC are all check marks for me. This year I would use him as a vertical slot receiver like how Jamison Crowder was used, or how he was used in 2015.

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9wRZDgRFY2I

    3.27 - Vince Biegel OLB Wisconsin
    Biegel is a spark plug linebacker who has a relentless motor. I really enjoy watching him and think he can turn into a really good SLB in Wade's defense. Apparently Wade thinks so too because the only rumours I hear about the Rams are how much they like Biegel.
    4.5 - Will Holden T Vanderbilt
    Holden is one of the best run blocking OTs in this draft class. He has issues in pass pro against speed rushers and will need to play on the right side, or maybe move inside. I was impressed watching him. He is one of those types of tackles that the Packers will take in the middle rounds and turn into starter.
    4.26 - Chase Roullier C Wyoming
    He played on a pro style offense and was asked to do a lot of the things that Kromer wants from his center. His movement skills are very good despite his low sparq score. He plays strong and I think he can turn into a starting center. I don't think I have to convince this board about Roullier. ;)
    4.35 - Jeremy Cutrer CB MTSU
    Long press corner with good ball skills. He has very good field vision and route awareness. I worry about his weight because he played at around 6'1 165 pounds. He seemed to get pushed around and needs to play at a decent weight (at least 185) to not get bullied by NFL WRs.
    5.5 - Ejuan Price OLB Pittsburgh
    Ejuan will drop because of his size but he is so disruptive. He is always in the backfield. He might not be a starter in his career but he will be a very good situational pass rusher. Its important to get someone who can rush the passer considering Quinn misses a lot of time.
    6.5 - DeAngelo Yancey WR Purdue
    Yancey is a big bodied WR with very good movement skills. He uses his body effectively to shield defenders and can run after the catch. He is a very natural deep threat. He has issues with drops and losing focus of the football. He also tries to one hand catch way too often considering it never works. He can be the backup X and hopefully grow into more.
    7.16 - Xavier Coleman CB Portland State
    He had heart surgery in high school and barely played football, only receiving one offer to play in college. He made the most of it and played very well. He is a press cover CB with very good athleticism. I thought he did an impressive job covering John Ross.

    Marcus Sayles CB West Georgia
    Pat Ricard DE Maine
    Mason Schreck TE Buffalo
    Jylan Ware OT Alabama State
    Eli Ankou DT UCLA
    Jordan Simmons T/G USC
    Cody Heiman LB Washburn
    Devante Mays RB Utah State

    Whitworth - Saffold - Roullier - Havenstein - Holden

    Goff - Mannion - Murray

    Gurley - Brown - Dunbar

    Higbee - Everett - Harkey / Hemingway / Schreck

    Woods Henderson Austin
    Yancey Spruce/Cooper Thomas

    DE DE DT
    Walker — Donald — Brockers
    Westbrooks - Easley - Ankou

    Barwin - Ogletree - Barron - Quinn
    Biegel - Littleton - Forrest - Price

    T Johnson— Cutrer — Robey-Coleman — Webster
    Joyner — Alexander
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