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morale in stress

Discussion in 'Q & A WITH KEVIN DEMOFF' started by Anonymous, Jul 26, 2012.

  1. Anonymous

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    According to Football Outsiders the Rams last year had the single most injured offense since 2002. (They also show that offensive injuries do more damage to a team's chances than injuries to defense.) You were part of that, of course, and experienced it first hand. Now I know the mantra about how "all teams have injuries"--but not all teams have the most injured offense of an entire decade.

    2 questions.

    1. Posed as a short series of questions. What does that do to morale? Not just the team, the whole building. What are the dark and more hopeful sides of that experience? Does it lead to any grim humor about being cursed? (I'm partly serious about that last question.) What was it like to realize the Rams were going to IR their tenth cornerback?

    2. The team struggled at first with the McDaniels offense. Do you believe they were catching on to that offense before the injuries derailed that?
  2. kdemoff

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    Jul 29, 2012
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    I don't think we ever thought we were cursed, but the injuries are just like the stages of denial and anger. At first you can't believe it's happening to you and then you finally come to acceptance. There were times though at CB all you could do was laugh, but as the players were dropping against the Eagles, it's hard to explain how you feel. I was most disappointed for fans and the entire organization that a whole 9 months of hope could go out the window as you watched our best players leave against the Eagles.

    As for Josh's offense, people forget that Sam Bradford had 2 300-yard passing games in the first 5 games and how well we moved the ball initially versus both the Eagles and the Giants. To be fair to Josh and the players, in the one full game that Steven Jackson and Sam Bradford both played in and were healthy against the Packers, we put up a season high in yards (something like 435 yards) and moved the ball really well. The offense seemed to be hitting its stride and then Sam hurt his ankle on the final play. Had that not happened and we added Brandon Lloyd, I think the offense would have been vastly different the remainder of the year. But going through 4 QBs, a number of RBs, 5 LT's, there was never a hope for that unit.
  3. DR RAM

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    Aug 7, 2010
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    Farthest West and Very South
    Very well answered.