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McGregor majority dec over Diaz

Discussion in 'GENERAL SPORTS TALK' started by Force16X, Aug 21, 2016.

  1. Force16X

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    Jun 19, 2014
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    48-47, 48-47 47-47 . for Connor McGregor. diaz with a late takedown sealing up the 5th round. mcgregor knocked diaz down 3 times in the first 2 rounds. diaz came back late and into the 3rd. 4th round connor got a 2nd wind and survived the 5th to win. they actually shook hands and complimented each other in the interviews. mcgregor agrees to a 3rd fight if its at 155 (he is the champ again). he cant handle the weight and try to fight a diaz fight. at 155 i think he'd be too fast for diaz. the leg kicks by connor were brutal in the first 2 rounds. good fight to watch though. hope the 3rd fight is at 155 since these 2 were at 170.
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  2. TXRams86

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    Aug 1, 2014
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    El Paso, TX
    this was an amazing fight.
    one of the best fights i've seen in a LONG time.
    with that being said, mcgregor won the fight...chicken crap win, but he did enough to pull it off.
    i'm not a fan of either but i was rooting for diaz, oh well.
    everyone is arguing that diaz was robbed but i think the fight was really close to call.

    the third fight will be something to watch.
    i'm compelled to believe that the UFC has an agenda for fights like this.
    there should be no need for that nonsense come round 3 between these two.
    let them duke it out and declare a series winner.
  3. Mackeyser

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    Apr 26, 2013
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    Tampa, FL
    Agree, it was a great fight.

    I had it a clear 48-47 win for Diaz ....all day... ALL NIGHT! NO PILLOWCASE!!! hahaha

    Anyway, Diaz had me laughing at the end. I dunno if Diaz will be good at 155 because he's where he needs to be at 170 and it's clear that McGregor NEEDS to be back down at 155.

    Btw, does that Daniel Cormier v Anthony Johnson look like a BEAST of a fight now??? It surely does to me!

    That uppercut that sent Glover Teixeira to dreamland...so much so that he woke up scrambling with the ref... um...yeah... <insert Christ Tucker meme here>

    Also, I dunno if THE fight right now is Amanda Nunes v Rhonda Rousey, but OOOHOHOHO man would that be a ridiculous fight!!!