Lafleur and McVay would argue in meetings - lafleur would challenge him often.

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Jun 1, 2015
We used to live in Madison, WI, and when my young son went to pre-school, a lot of the other kids had their Green and Yellow Packer gear. And my son liked the look of the “G” on the helmet. So he started vaguely saying he liked the Packers. He never really watched football much, and I sorta tried to nudge him toward the Rams, but by the age of five it was already too late. He just liked that “G” helmet, along with everyone else in town. And I wasn’t gonna threaten my preschooler son with “Ya better like the Rams or else!”

Flash forward 12 years. My son is now 17, and even though we now live in CA, my son is still a Packers fan. But only vaguely. He doesn’t really care much about football, he’ll watch a little here and there, but it’s just not his thing. We always have a deal: the Rams are his “second favorite” team, and for me the Pack are “second favorite.”

Except for this week. My son cheered on the Rams over the Hawks. But I was NOT looking forward to me seething while he celebrated a TD pass from ARod to Davante Adams.

So What’s a Dad of a teenage son to do?

I said, “I’ll pay ya $20 bucks if you’ll root for the Rams over the Packers.”

Knowing that his Dad cares about football way more than he does, he thought about it and said, “Sure!”


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