"I've Never Been Caught From Behind" ~ Gabriel to Jack Snow

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Jun 28, 2010
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I saw Darrell run down Eric "The Great" Dickinson and his (i.e., Eric's) 4.3 speed. I doubt Jack could run away from Darrell even in his dreams.
Darrell Green ran a 4.15 40 faster than Deon Sanders, so although Snow was fly for a white guy, he'd be green with envy, being caught by the fastest man in NFL history, although, if Snow zig zagged his way downfield, it would have made it more difficult.
The only man that I know with certainty that Darrell never beat in a foot race was Olympian Carl Lewis,
Here is a good flashback; Ron Brown vs Darrell Green


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Jan 15, 2016
I miss playing Madden but after several years I had outgrown the old graphics (and hadn't kept up with the new stuff). But in that Madden 2003 game were a bunch of historic teams that I did so much work (play!) on over the years. In the game rosters I saw the Rams classic royal & canaries and the even more classic royal and whites and began reconstructing them from those basic no-name mixed number generic player historic teams. I worked on numbers, faces, face masks, arm pads, even gave them black shoes, to resemble those teams as close as I could. In that game there was a custom player face that looked a lot like Gabe's when I chose a certain head shape to go with it. Medium tanned skin, I can't remember whose it belonged to in the NFL. That face with the single bar facemask made those 1967 Rams look legit. Fixed up the Fearsome Foursome, Dick Bass, Snow, and the rest and whenever I played them it was like a replay of the old days. There was another face that looked a lot like Joe Kapp's when I used another head shape with it and I replayed a lot of Rams vs Vikings late 60's battles. This thread made me think of the fun I had with those teams.
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