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Greatest Victory

Discussion in 'Q & A WITH JACK YOUNGBLOOD' started by Stranger, Dec 23, 2013.

  1. Stranger

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    Aug 15, 2010
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    I think it's probably impossible to be a true Rams fan in the 1970's and to not have a passionate dislike for the Dallas Cowboys and Roger Staubach. With that said, I recall a game in Dallas, perhaps it was even a playoff game, where you got loose into the back field (with Roger standing there like sitting duck with his eyes focused down field looking for receivers) and put your arm out like you wanted to take his head off with a clothes-line tackle. I know that, for what seemed like an eternity, Rams fans held their breath as they awaited for the inevitable contact. But at the last second, Staubach ducked his head and escaped what would have probably been a brutal sack.

    Given the above, I'd guess that beating the Cowboys in 1979 on the way to the SB against the Steelers was one of your greatest wins. I know it was perhaps the most excited I've ever been, notwithstanding SB34.

    What would you say your greatest victory was?