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Apr 26, 2013
Does this site have a dark mode? I can't upgrade to OS X 10.14.x so I can't get a system wide version, but there are apps like Twitter that have a dark mode and some websites offer the alternative.

Can we do that?

I mostly look at the site at night and even turning my screen brightness way down, i feel like I'm getting treated for Seasonal Affective Disorder...

Sorry if it's been posted about already.
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Jun 28, 2010
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I started to answer this one two or three times because the simple answer is... I want a little more time before saying what I think about dark modes.

As the administrator of the site, I want to make sure options we add are easy for me to maintain. Dark mode needs to be something that works with all site elements and 3rd party stuff, to ensure easy maintenance.

When we updated the site in September, we “reset” some things that adding dark mode is an option we could do. So we did have an eye on it as a preference some would like.

At the same time, we anticipated the new Rams colors in the site update... so when those are announced we will flip a few things. Some things fast. Perhaps others a week or so after. Depends on what they do.

It would be after all that I’ll look at where things stand for a dark mode option.

As a foundation ROD will always have light mode as priority in design decisions, in case members out there are concerned we’d move away from light. We won’t. (y)


PS: I like dark mode too. As a general rule I think it looks really cool, but a tad harder to read. But...We try really hard to give members features where we can. So, thanks for the message.