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Aug 7, 2010
Hey Bark,

So cool that you stopped by Rams On Demand to answer questions for us.

I've been reading your blog, and one thing really resonated with me. Fans should stick by you. Some of us do, no matter what. I am a Rams fan, and I offer no excuses for it. I have been a Rams fan my whole life, and I wish that I lived closer to support, and defend my team. Booing my team wouldn't fly, in my section, at all.

My question for you, and it's not an easy one, unfortunately. I am a student of the offensive line, this is where I focus, during and after games, by re-watching games, grading players, and taking notes....Joe, what the heck is going on? I see multiple breakdowns, by multiple players on the line. Is it individual performance, scheme/learning issues, communication, or a combo of things? On paper, this is the best line that the Rams have fielded in years.

I am a supporter of you, and I appreciate that you have worked really hard on your craft, especially in the offseason, and you are playing well individually. Working with Mr. Slater must have been hella cool this summer.

Good luck, and best wishes to you, and my Rams in the near future.

Oct 3, 2013
To be honest with you there was no one glaring issue, just a bunch of small issues. But I DO think we took a step in the right direction as a unit this past Sunday.