Betting Blunders and Wins featuring Richie Incognitard

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SportsBook Bookie
Nov 9, 2014
I don’t know if anybody has much appetite for this on the site but since partaking in Sportsbook I have grown a huge interest in betting with actual money. With this being said I follow a few great guys and found a site where they post good and bad bets. ( mostly good)


Our old friend Richie Icognitard fucked this guy out of 50k by betting $20!:palm:o_O
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  1. ozarkram @ ozarkram: Waiting for Columbus
  2. flv @ flv: Watching a wall crumble.
  3. DR RAM @ DR RAM: Burrow looks like R. Wilson.
  4. ozarkram @ ozarkram: tabodi!
  5. RhodyRams @ RhodyRams: went 9/12 in the sportsbook this week !!!!
  6. Corbin @ Corbin: Marcus Peters, WE COMING FOR DAT ASS!!