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Arrow up, Arrow Down.

Discussion in 'RAMS - NFL TALK' started by TexasRam, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. TexasRam

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    Jan 13, 2013
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    My Rams (Trending Arrow) Roster evaluation after 5 weeks:


    Goff - Firmly established as Franchise QB. Room to grow but on a Pro Bowl trajectory.

    Gurley- In Conversation as NFC offensive player of the year with new found WR skills to go along with Hurdling Defenders in between him and the end zone.

    Woods - I was down on this offeason signing. A couple brain farts in the Washington game. Otherwise he has been tough as nails, confident, consistently productive and solidifying himself as a key cog in the long term plans of this exciting young offense.

    Kupp - Justifying his pre draft hype with clutch play after clutch play. Showing the shake and bake to constantly get open for huge 3rd down conversions. Developing chemistry with Goff as go to WR at critical times. Yea he dropped a big one vs Seattle. No one is blinking an eye in the confidence we have in him.

    Higbee - blocking still needs work but is getting better. Chemistry with Goff is springboarding. 98 yard showing vs a tough Seattle defense may be the start of seeing his full potential realized.

    The Entire Oline - Oh what a difference a year makes. Giving up around 1 sack a game. leading the #2 offense in the NFL. Seeing a Run game improve and grow as the season progresses.

    Longacre - Getting people talking. Providing solid pass pressures and run defense.

    Smart - Solid play has you solidifying a starting role in Rookie year. Not bad.

    Brockers - Emerging as a pass rusher along with your awesome run stopping consistency.

    Donald - The Old Donald is back. Tearing up PFF again after a rusty start. You decided to play. Good move Bro.

    Barron - Let's see if you can hold up in run defense against a tough Jacksonville run game. But the last few weeks you have proven your a player. Shifting focus off you back on to Olgeltree. Consistent big tackles the last few games and a nice interception against Dallas.

    Webster - Settling in Nicely.

    J. Johnson - Huge game vs Seattle. Let's see if this will be a weekly occurrence. May be one of the most critical pieces to turning our Defense around. Tighten up in the red zone.

    Cody Davis - Solid play this weekend. Keep it up.


    Tavon - How does one get in the doghouse when he has huge critical runs in the straight games? By losing the football over and over and over. I am rooting for you bro. Keep your head up. Keep running with confidence, with ball security as priority #1.

    Alexander - Sorry man. Arrow so far down you are no longer on the team. Geez. Good luck, maybe a different scheme will be better. Keep working. It's a tough league.

    Watkins - We all like you. Stay off social media at all costs. Arrow not down because we think you can't play. Arrow down because you quit on some plays and said some questionable stuff. We are rooting for you and Believe in you. Let's get that Arrow back up permanently.

    Quinn - Dude, get out of the Neutral zone. You are not a rookie. The Injuries are not your fault and we appreciate the effort. But your getting manhandled out there and flopping around a little much. Give us what you got, but if the back is that bad then it's OK to let Longacre handle the duties.

    Olgletree - You look slow. Except when you Blitz, then you look fast. You are miles away from being a good run defender and are hurting this defense a little too much. Stay classy and keep working. Here is to hoping you turn in your best run defense game this weekend. If Fournette runs all over you I predict you will be riding pine. Good luck. Blow up defenders and fill the hole with authority. Watch some Ray Lewis highlights and pay careful attention to how it is done.

    Everett- One of my favorite draft picks. But dude, catch the fricken ball before you fade to oblivion.

    Barwin - Where are you? The objective is too make plays and blow things up. Not to join the pile.
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  2. SteveBrown

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    Mar 31, 2014
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    WOW, I agree with every word you wrote. You must be my long lost brother....!!! Awesome.

    Also: IF Everett catches that ball he is out of bounds....he allowed that to happen.
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  3. den-the-coach

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    Jan 16, 2013
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    Upstate New York
    I concur, I expected more out of Barwin as well who as of right now showcasing a Shane Conlan effect of being a Pile Jumper.
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  4. thirteen28

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    Jan 15, 2013
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    Austin, Texas
    I'll cut Everett a little bit of slack given his status as a rookie with only 5 games under his belt, along with the fact that he's also made some big catches already. He's certainly made more good plays than bad.

    With Watkins, it's a two-way street. Yeah, he's got to stay off social media, and he can't let his frustration boil over and affect his play like it did on Sunday. But McVay must get him more involved. He's way too dynamic of a playmaker to not see more targets. Oh, and Goff has to go to him when he's open too.

    Quinn? Man, I really worry that his best is in the past and that the back injuries have reduced him to a much lesser player than he was. Hope to hell I'm wrong, but ... if he really hasn't shown something by the end of the season, then it's probably time to move on.

    'Tree ... I think a big part of his struggle is just adjusting to the new D. That being said, I wish he'd pull a D'Marco Farr and see a martial arts instructor to learn how to use his hands better to shed block.

    On the arrow up side ...

    Woods ... I'm almost glad he had a sh!t game in week 2, because we were able to see how he responded and bounced back. And man, did he ever. What a pro. I actually liked this signing in the offseason, preferring him to someone like Garcon since RW is much younger and just entering his prime. He can be good for us for a long time.

    Higbee ... after the first couple of games, I thought he was going to be eclipsed by Everett. Not so fast, says Tyler. Way to respond, dude.

    JJohnson ... looking like a great draft pick so far. Only really 1.5 games of significant playing time, but he's been excellent so far. He and LJ at S could be a great combination.
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  5. LACHAMP46

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    Jul 21, 2013
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    Garden Grove, Ca.,

    Arrow down players- lil tough on Ogletree....Everett is a rookie tight end...very tough position to make an impact. It's the 2nd and 3rd year players that should be counted on to play consistently.

    Arrow up guys....well, we are entering the tough part of the schedule, so lets hold up until we see what these guys do against playoff aspiring teams...Offense is going great, but lets see what they do in the next few weeks. Defensive guys seem to be improving weekly.