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A Proud Organization

Discussion in 'Q & A WITH KEVIN DEMOFF' started by RamFan503, Jan 21, 2013.

  1. RamFan503

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    Jun 24, 2010
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    In my Mom's basement

    I really appreciate you coming on here to rub elbows with us fans.

    You gained my admiration a couple years back when you responded personally to a post I had made that questioned the direction and goals of the organization and team. Since that time, I feel the organization has been doing everything in its power to do exactly what your response said. After cheering for this team for some 45 years, I can't thank you all enough for the efforts I see in rebuilding this storied franchise. I have my Rams hat on while I type this and am damned proud to wear it.

    My question is about the future look and build of the team. We read and hear things all the time - like that Fish runs a D that is not heavily LB reliant, etc. But as you guys build this team into a sustained contender, what can you tell us about the areas you will key in on and why. I realize this may be more of a coach/GM question and I am not asking you to tip your hand as I wouldn't want that anyway. But can you tell us maybe the biggest areas of growth you and we fans can expect to see? As far as the look - you can even get into the future of our uniforms if you'd like.... hint hint.

    We can read the stat sheets but you guys know the strengths and weaknesses that produced what I think we all saw - a vastly improved TEAM - heading up while playing in what could now be the toughest division in the NFL. The future is bright.

    Again, appreciate the time,

    Stu Miller

    P.S. Uniforms? Dark Blue/White similar to the late 60's (only more modern) or the Yellow/Blue of the 70's - 90's please.
  2. kdemoff

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    Jul 29, 2012
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    Stu, I'm glad that you can wear your hat with pride these days. I hope we are headed in the right direction but we need to keep focusing on improving all 53 players each year and not being afraid to make bold decisions.

    The common philosophy that Coach Fisher and Les share is that we need to build dominant offensive and defensive lines that can control the offensive line, have a great quarterback and then have explosive playmakers on the edge. You saw us last year on defense build the defensive line and cornerback unit to make sure we could disrupt the passing game -- the result was leading the league in sacks. We need to continue to fortify our offensive line and add playmakers on the edge so we can show similar progress on offense to score touchdowns. For all our improvement on offense at times in 2012, we still recognize that we need to score more points on a consistent basis.

    Another core belief is that we will draft great athletes and talents who may have higher ceilings but less polish. Coach Fisher has put together a fantastic coaching staff that loves developing young players, so we can take a few more chances on players with the belief that our coaching staff will get them to their potential. Les is passionate about player and character development and giving our young players the proper toolbox to have great personal growth.