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Your Career Development

Discussion in 'THE RETURN OF JOE BARKSDALE' started by -X-, Jan 27, 2014.

  1. -X-

    -X- I'm the dude, man.

    The Dude
    What are some of the most important things that you've taken from Coach Wilcher and Coach Studrawa that helped shape your career and prepare you for the NFL? And has Coach Bou made you unlearn anything, or did he just build upon what you already brought to the table?

    Also, do you miss playing defense at all?
  2. Joe Barksdale

    Joe Barksdale New Member

    I had a few inefficiencies that coach Bou helped me correct. i think that the most important thing that i have learned from my past coaches is competitiveness and resilience. And i miss playing defense a lot because when you make a mistake on the d line it isnt as noticable as giving up a sack or a tackle for loss lol.