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What could have been

Discussion in 'RAMS - NFL TALK' started by -X-, Nov 21, 2011.

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    Jun 20, 2010
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    In 1999, objectively tell me what would have happened to that team if THIS happened:

    1999 was a season in which the new CBA put the brakes on the off-season. 6 weeks to implement Martz's playbook
    In preseason, they lost Dre Bly
    Then they lost 3 more corners (does it matter who?)
    Then early in the season they lost Todd Lyght and Dexter McCleon
    Then they lost 3 more corners (does it matter who?)
    Then after the first game Marshall Faulk pulled his quad and missed some time
    Then during the season they lost both their tight-ends (Robinson and Williams)
    Then during the first game they lost Az-Hakim
    Then during the season they lost Ricky Proehl
    Torry Holt (see: DX) couldn't stay healthy all year, so you only get him for 6 or 7 games.
    Now they only have Bruce.
    Then during the season they lost Warner for two games (Paul Justin was the backup)
    ^^ I understand Trent Green was lost ^^
    Warner then plays injured for a couple more games behind a line that.....
    Lost Pace and Nutten and then Ryan Tucker
    The schedule isn't nearly as easy as it was
    D'Marco Farr is hurt and playing hurt

    THAT team wins the Superbowl? ROFL. Vermeil was already 5-11, and then 4-12 before that 1999 season. If all of the above happened to HIM, on HIS watch, then there's no way he even posts a .500 record. At best, he goes 6-10 and the calls to fire him (see: 1998) are resounding. So, he gets fired. Now, did he have a fair shake? Or should he have yelled a little more, told Martz to shut down his offense, and then stopped crying during pressers? OR, would he have just been royally screwed by circumstances beyond his control?

    Be objective.
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