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Updated Roster Prediction

Discussion in 'RAMS - NFL TALK' started by 12intheBox, Aug 17, 2014.

  1. 12intheBox Well-Known Member

    Sep 12, 2013
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    I wanted to take an updated crack at this:

    My 46 man Game day "active" roster for week 1 - Vikings

    Offense (21)
    QB: (2) Bradford; Hill
    RB: (3) Stacy; Cunningham; Reynolds
    TE: (3) Cook; Kendricks; Harkey
    WR: (5) Austin; Britt; Quick; Givens; Pettis
    OL: (8) Long; Robinson; Wells; Saffold; Barksdale; Barnes; Joseph; Person

    Defense (22)
    DL: (8) Quinn; Long; Hayes; Sims; Brockers; Langford; Donald; Carrington
    LB: (6) Laurinaitis; Ogletree; Dunbar; Armstrong; Bates; Steward
    DB: (8) Jenkins; Johnson; Joyner; McDonald; McLeod; Alexander; Gaines; Davis

    Specialists (3)
    K: Zuerlien P: Hekker LS: McQuaide

    Kickoff Team:
    Zuerlein; Gaines; Reynolds; Harkey; Bates; Joyner; Cunningham; Alexander; McDonald; Armstrong; Steward

    Kickoff Return:
    Givens; Barnes; Person; Cunningham; Reynolds; Alexander; Steward; Armstrong; Bates; Harkey; Davis

    Punt Coverage:
    Reynolds; Davis; Sims; Armstrong; McQuaide; Bates; Joyner; Harkey; Alexander; Gaines; Hekker

    Punt Return: Austin; McDonald; Reynolds; Davis; Armstrong; Bates; Harkey; Gaines; Alexander; Steward; Ogletree

    The rest of the 53 (not dressing for week 1):

    Westbrooks, Cunningham, McGee, Gilbert, Bond, Mason, Bryant

    Practice Squad:

    Reid, Sam, Roberson, Van Dyk, Bayer, Rhaney, Hill, Watts


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