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TRANSCRIPTS: Rams Head Coach Jeff Fisher (8-14-14)

Discussion in 'RAMS - NFL TALK' started by -X-, Aug 14, 2014.

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    Rams Head Coach Jeff Fisher - Training Camp – August 14, 2014

    (On the running drills today)

    “Yeah, it was good. We had two real good periods. One was exclusively run and then the other one was the run play pass. I thought they worked well together and got some stuff done, now we’ll back down and focus a little bit on the Packers.”

    (On if there will be game planning)
    “No, I mean out of fairness to them you want them to be familiar, so we’ll look at last week’s game and maybe something from last year. But other than that, we’re just going to do the same things we’ve been doing out here.”

    (On his expectations for QB Sam Bradford on Saturday)
    “Well, we’re going to play him a quarter maybe a little bit more and for him to continue doing the same things he’s doing out here. Push the ball down the field, it’s an opportunity to work against someone else and work with our receivers that he’s been working very well with right now. ”

    (On if he will have anxiety about Bradford’s return Saturday)
    “No, none what’ ‘so’ ‘ever, he’s healthy. He’s our starting quarterback and he’s healthy. He’s going to play in a preseason game, that’s it.”

    (On OT Jake Long, CB Janoris Jenkins, and OL Demetrius Rhaney)
    “I’m going to wait another week for Jake. Jake’s doing a great job out here, but we’re going to wait another week for Jake and that’ll be the case with a couple other guys. Janoris(Jenkins) got back out here today. All indications right now are preliminary that Demetrius(Rhaney) is going to be okay, which is encouraging. We’ll have to do an MRI but it looks like the interior of the knee is good, so that’s good news.”

    (On the cause of Rhaney’s knee injury)
    “It kind of buckled on the field goal protection.”

    (On RB Zac Stacy’s playing time)
    “We’re going to probably to do the same thing that we did last week with the backs, and that’s probably average, in a perfect world, about six carries a piece.”

    (On Stacy’s camp so far)
    “Great shape. He’s our running back, playing really well without the ball. That’s the thing that he wanted to work on this camp and so far he’s done it, he’s catching the ball well, protection is solid, has a really good understanding of what we’re doing.”

    (On DE Michael Sam’s playing time this Saturday)
    “Really depends on the number of snaps, I think. Last week our defense had two fairly long drives, so right at the front of the game, in the first quarter, so that’s when we started to rotate. Really it would depend on snaps.”

    (On if Jake Long being held out for this game means there was a setback)
    “No. This is what we kind of targeted was preseason Week 3 and 4 for Jake.”

    (On Janoris Jenkins injury)“He practiced today. Don’t know what we’ll be doing with him in the game. Trumaine (Johnson) will be back in the game, Brandon McGee will be back, so the younger corners will play later in the game.”

    (On how quickly OT Jake Long has recovered from his injury)
    “Well he’s worked very hard and he’s doing well out here. Had no setbacks in his reps. He’s participated in the padded practices and all that. Yeah, he’s like we say, he’s right on schedule. He’s right where we thought he would be and our target is the Cleveland game.”

    (On G Davin Joseph’s training camp thus far)

    “Well he’s done really well. He’s experienced, he’s seen everything, and now has a good for it feel for our terminology and can play the positions. It’s unlikely (OL) Rodger (Saffold) will plays this week, so Davin will get a chance to go in there…”

    (On if OL Rodger Saffold is close to returning to practice)

    “Yeah he’s close.”

    (On the fact that charges were dropped on LB Jo-Lonn Dunbar)

    “Well, as is the case in most of these situations the organization withholds comments until we get all the evidence. We did allude early on that it didn’t appear to be what it was portrayed to be because we had good information. I’m happy that the things put behind him. But still, players still need to be mindful of not putting themselves in those potential situations even though the charges were dropped. I’d like to see them make better decisions and not be in those types of situations.”

    (On what he would like to see differently from the first preseason game in the second)

    “Well we got to get the penalties down, we need to tackle better on defense - it will be a good challenge for us. We’re going to the same things as basically we did in Week 1 in Week 2. I’d like to see some young guys step forward and show some improvement. They’ve got the jitters put behind them, they know what to expect. Just go out and compete, just execute what we want to
  2. LACHAMP46 Well-Known Member

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    Are we down to 2 centers just as soon as Wells gets healthy?
  3. -X- The Retired RODfather Staff

    Jun 20, 2010
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