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Top 5 St. Louis Rams position battles for 2014

Discussion in 'RAMS - NFL TALK' started by RamBill, Jun 27, 2014.

  1. RamBill Well-Known Member

    Jul 31, 2010
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    Top 5 St. Louis Rams position battles for 2014
    By Ted Bryant


    My apologies to those of you gritting your teeth and sweating yesterday over the absence of a weekly Top 5 list that would never come.

    I am in full-on World Cup mode and let my blind patriotism (U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!) consume any regard for responsibility. However, we’re back today and our list ranks the top position battles as the team takes a brief respite before training camp. There aren’t many notable battles this year (which is a good thing), but of those that exist, here are the ones worth watching:

    5. Running back no. 1 – Zac Stacy vs. Tre Mason

    This one will likely inspire some criticism, but with Mason on record saying he’s been told to prepare like a starter it’s difficult to tell how carries will get split up. Stacy’s breakout rookie season last year gives him the edge at this point, but training camp will do a lot in revealing how the committee will play out. Personally, I’m betting it’s a pretty significant split.

    4. Left guard – Greg Robinson vs. himself

    If they can stay healthy, the Rams’ offensive line looks poised to become one of the major strengths on the team. Robinson, the no. 2 overall pick in May’s draft, will certainly play a factor in that. Assuming left tackle Jake Long returns healthy, as the team expects, Robinson will play next to him at left guard. There is a learning curve that comes with switching positions, and Robinson went through a bit of that at OTAs. He’ll look to use training camp to solidify his position.

    3. Defensive tackle no. 3 – Aaron Donald vs. Alex Carrington

    The rookie Donald may challenge for a starting role sooner rather than later if things go well, but for now we’ll lump him into the “first off the bench” role with the free agent signee Carrington. Donald’s pass rushing potential looks limitless, and the Rams will likely give him every opportunity to embrace the role. However, Carrington thrived in Buffalo in spot duty and brings a level of experience that Donald lacks.

    2. Wide receiver no. 1 – Kenny Britt vs. Austin Pettis vs. Chris Givens vs. Brian Quick

    Outside of quarterback Sam Bradford’s progress, the majority of camp eyes will be trained on the receiving corps. Tough to tell who will emerge as starters from the group, especially at no. 1, but the group will have to improve upon a dismal performance on 2013. Early reports suggest Britt’s presence has been positive and both Quick and Givens have made strides. We’ll see in a few short weeks.

    1. Free safety – Rodney McLeod vs. Matt Daniels

    This one won’t be nearly as exciting as the others on the list, but it might be the most important. The Rams appear to be comfortable moving forward with their current crop of safeties, meaning one of these two will have to develop into a starting-caliber player. McLeod likely has the nod over Daniels a month out of camp, but the difference in talent levels between the two remains to be seen.
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  2. SierraRam Recreational User

    Mar 17, 2014
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    1. Free safety – Rodney McLeod vs. Matt Daniels? Joyner will get more snaps than both

    2. Wide receiver no. 1 – Kenny Britt vs. Austin Pettis vs. Chris Givens vs. Brian Quick?? 1.Britt 2.Bailey(game 5) & Tavon in the slot

    3. Defensive tackle no. 3 – Aaron Donald vs. Alex Carrington? More like Langford vs. Donald to see who starts next to Brockers

    4. Left guard – Greg Robinson vs. himself? Whatever

    stick to soccer Ted
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  3. mr.stlouis Well-Known Member

    Sep 7, 2011
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    It's amazing how much many analysts don't know about our team. Tre Mason vs Cunningham is a better than any of the mentioned.
  4. Dieter the Brock KNEEL BEFORE GURLEY

    May 18, 2014
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    Who is Ted Bryant?
  5. LACHAMP46 Well-Known Member

    Jul 21, 2013
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    Here's hoping TJ moves to FS a majority of the time with Mo Alexander at SS.....Ok, OK, I'll play along and hope Matt Daniels plays A LOT more than McLeod.

    Carrington vs Donald???? What happened to Langford? It was his best season in his career.

    Mason vs Stacy...Stacy vs Pead...and I'd like to see Pead touch the rock.....Mason & Stacy are goal-line type backs.

    Britt 0r Quick...as long as Quick or Britt is the #2...Tavon in the slot..Let Givens feel some splinters for a while...Bailey too.

    G-Rob needs to be pushed too...Put that kid that PFF said was terrible behind him. He should be motivated....
  6. RamSECUT New Member

    Jun 25, 2014
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    Matt Daniels is a very talented, but, brittle safety. Not quite up to NFL standards in the toughness department.
    Carrington vs Donald is for the no. 3 spot. Carrington was having a breakout season, before his injury last season. He's ready to make some noise. Unfortunately, he's going to have to be awful loud, cause Aaron Donald is a stud. Langford will hold on to his no. 2 spot, cause, he ain't "no joke" either. Throw in Sims and Hays, and we're in immediate need of a historical nickname for this unit, guys.
    Tre Mason is physical, with some speed. Zac Stacy is a bowling ball, listed at 5' 8" 224lbs in the Lindy's 2014 annual, looking for peeps to mow down. Benny Cunningham has the capability to take over a game. Maybe not on a week to week basis, but, he's a lot more dangerous than given credit for. Pead...will be pursuing a professional football career, somewhere other than St. Louis this season.
    Britt is already the leader of the receiving corp. He's better than anything that we have on this team right now, sands, Bailey. Austin is a different type of receiver, so i'm not including him in the competition with Britt. The real battle is for the no. 2 spot.
    Before the suspension, i penciled Bailey in at this spot, and possibly our no. 1. Austin had the flashier plays in college, but Bailey was the heart and soul of that WV attack. I think the kid had some insane number of yards and tds. He's a straight up "baller".
    An attitude like Britt's will bring out the fire in all of the receivers. Being natural "divas", no receiver wants to be shown up, especially on his own team. With that being said, I hope Givens play last season was the worst season of his career, and that this year, he'll show the same game changing ability for the Rams, that he displayed with Wake Forest.
    All of these guys, Pettis, Givens, Bailey, Britt we're all their college team's no. 1 option. Let's see the battle of the egos get full tilt in training camp.
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  7. JackDRams You think the football field is your ally?

    Jun 18, 2014
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    The thing that bugs me most is everyone repeating how Mason was told to prepare to start. And people make it seem like he's battling for the #1 spot right off the bat. What are you supposed to tell him? Prepare like a backup?? I would tell every single player I draft, to prepare to start. People look into things to far. You don't draft players cuz you think, hey he'll be a decent #3 forever.
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  8. den-the-coach Fifty-four Forty or Fight

    Jan 16, 2013
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    For a guy that's truly never played in a game can somebody freakin tell me why Matt Daniels gets so much love? If you don't like McLeod, fine, however, can we at least see Daniels play in preseason before we make him the Archduke Ferdinand?
  9. RamWoodie Well-Known Member

    Jun 21, 2014
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    Ok...going down the writer's list:

    1. I agree with his assessment. I see the Rams carefully watching training camp cuts, while looking for a veteran saftey for leadership

    2. There will be no competition between Britt and Pettis OR Quick and Givens. I would give Givens the nod as the clear starter...and I'm a Quick fan BIG TIME. As I see it the starters at WR are Britt and Givens. I don't see the Rams starting out with a slot WR when you have Stacy in the backfield. I see the Rams starting in "two TE sets" to be able to run Stacy WITH the ability to play action and use Cook.

    3. Donald v Carrington is not so much a competition as it is a "show me what you've got"...the way this DLine is loaded these guys are both going to get time UNLESS the Rams feel they're so stacked they can trade a guy...AND IT WON'T BE Donald (hint, hint). Donald is brought in *more than likely* to replace Langford. The Rams will not pay Langford 6 mil next year!

    4. The talk about Robinson is simply SMOKE! The guy is going to play and play well. Folks read too much into his interview.

    5. Tre Mason is not going to unseat stacy as starter...that's ludicrous. Stacy is the beast of the bunch. Also the writer needs to acknowledge that Pead has been turning heads too. What you *may* see is dual combinations like Stacy and Pead and Cunningham and Mason. It's way too early to be saying this off OTAs. Training camp is the competition!

    Basically this guy just dreamed up something to write about...:cool:
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  10. Sum1 Well-Known Member

    Jun 24, 2010
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    The only starters competing IMO are at WR.

    After that the competitions are in reserve roles...Gaines, McGee, etc.